05 June 2009

7 Quick Takes: Vol 7

I'm toying with the idea of another blog (as in, in addition to rather than in place of). There are approximately a million things I want to write about all around a common theme, but it is one that although linked to the thematic direction of this blog would likely overtake the parts that it is not so connected to. I don't really want that. GSF for me has been a place to be grateful, seek simplicity, and practice frugality. This new idea would be grateful and likely connected to the reasons for which I seek the simple over the complex and the frugal over the luxurious, but would be far less practically oriented (fewer GDAs, coupon breakdowns, recipes, etc). I don't think I want a replacement, just an alternate place to also write. You could read both if you wanted, but at least you'd still have options. Now, to decide the name (this part takes me the longest of anything ...).

I'm learning that my body doesn't like commercially produced fruit juices. It used to be just orange juice, which I blamed on the ridiculous citric acid to actual soluable fiber ratio. Then it was anything orange juice made an appearance in ... Mountain Dew, for example. Now I'm also having problems with grape juice (and if that ... then, wine? noooo!). Before I call it quits entirely I think I may drag my juicer out of the cupboard as the fruit crops start to come in and give making my own a go to see if the problem is the juice itself or the commercial process (and assortment of unnecessary crap ingredients). Then the question becomes ... how to store already homemade juice for once the availability of fresh fruit diminishes?

Remember my favorite thing about Sundays? Yea. Apparently not this week. My schedule (I even hate the use of the word 'schedule' in reference to a Sunday) consists of meeting a friend for church, then driving to our hometown for an early afternoon graduation open house, then driving across that town for a late afternoon graduation open house, and then making it to my cousin's wedding reception. Argh! That's pure craziness, but the prospect of eating cake three times in one afternoon/evening does have me a little twitterpated (I loooooooooove cake!).

Now, to figure out 2 frugal graduation gifts and a frugal wedding gift. I should consult my gift closet, but it's currently stocked only with plastic cups and Halloween candy. Hmmm. I have 2 days to figure this out, my lovely friends of the interwebs, and I would adore your help in the comments section. (pretty please ...?).

Not that it's all that exciting to anyone but me, but the data for my summer research has been tabulated and analyzed. Those of you who've been involved in research projects like this know the sigh of relief I'm breathing right now knowing that all the (f)tests and ANOVAs are done and accounted for. The remainder of the paper still needs to be written ... the results and discussion portions, but really I'm just glad we only had a few data hangups getting to here (mostly involving spelling inconsistencies in responses ... which the computer does not like at all). I do need to write the rest of this paper before Monday (is it Friday already?! My word!). Also fabulous, the data analysis proves our hypothesis, which is way cooler than it not.

I want to go here, please. I may have to start fundraising once I decide when exactly would be the perfect time to go. My initial thought is of course ... winter, because winter in MI is less fun than winter in Morocco and vice versa for summer since Rabat is in Northern Africa. I really want to volunteer abroad, and have for quite awhile. I just hadn't found the place that felt right. Just imagine ... Em walking down a tiny market street, eating the most amazing hummus and falafel purchased from a street vendor, speaking Arabic to cute little kids, and working with the local women's group on organizing actions. Beautiful. I am so in, as soon as I find $6,000.

I am really hungry to lo mein thanks to a conversation I am having this very minute online while writing this post. I loooooove lo mein almost as much as I love cake. It's my first and favorite pick at every Asian resto we've ever been to, and the more I talk about it right now the more tempted I am to gnaw off my own left hand. I also haven't eaten lunch yet. Hmm. Now, to find some fabulous Chinese noodles ...

The mailman was nice enough to bring me a $27 (and change) check this week from the good people at Inbox Dollars. This is the first time I've actually received money from them, so they finally get to go down in my "Absolutely Legit" column. I click through some emails, they send me some money. I am ok with that arrangement. Mostly, I was just excited to get free money in the mail. If you want in on the deal, feel free to click the link on my right sidebar under 'Places I Dig' (or just google it if you're not as comfy with referral links ... I care not either way).

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