14 June 2009

7 Quick Takes ... Sunday: Vol 8

Sometimes life happens, and things don't get posted on time ... or even written. Friday was one of those days, but the reason why is kind of exciting. I was asked to give the keynote address at an awards banquet honoring the highest honor given to girls in Girl Scouting, the Gold Award. I earned a Gold Award in high school, and was asked (kind of last minute ... like Monday afternoon ... oops) to be the keynote speaker because of it (and according to the woman who called me, "because (I) wouldn't have a problem speaking in front of a large group on short notice"). It was a really good time. My speech was well received. I did not fumble around like a crazy too much, and I got a pretty yummy (and free!) dinner out of the deal. The downside, the speech was oh, a hundred or so miles from my house, in the early evening, so most of my usual Friday bloggy time was spent getting ready and driving (and putting the finishing touches on my speech ... who loves the last minute?! Em does.).

I skipped church this morning so I could finish writing my group research paper, and although I've only been going to church regularly for ... oh, a month, I'm kind of sad I wasn't there. I know I can listen to the podcast and check the bulletin online, but really ... I just like being there. It's the highlight of my week, and I'm regretting terribly not getting up and going anyway. Now I have to wait another 6 days. (Wow, on 2nd inspection, I never ever would have counted myself in the category of people disappointed that they missed church ... something has come over me ... something not so awful, maybe ...).

We added even more plants to the garden yesterday. There will be a garden post forthcoming in the near future, which I'm terribly excited about. We swung by the greenhouse yesterday and I fell in love with some clearanced kale and chinese cabbage plants. I mean, in love. They were calling to me. I looked at them longingly, walked away, perused the remainder of the section, wandered back to them, stood looking at them like a 2 year old, and finally decided to just bring them home. We don't have any greens growing since my lettuce didn't so much make it ... stupid paper seed cards anyway.

The beloved Red Wings did not win the Stanley Cup. I should offer congrats and well dones to the Penguins, but I'm not that cool of a person. I'm pouting.

We had a fabulous time Thursday at the minor league baseball game. Not only was my favorite band playing after the game, but it was as well "Thrifty Thursday" at the ball park. We scored $5 admission tickets (instead of $9.50i) by agreeing to bring our own chairs and sit on the lawn. A number of food items were marked down to $2 instead of the regular exhorbinant park prices or $4, $6 or more, and you could get hot dogs (which I don't eat ... ick, but other people do) for $1! Some friends joined us on the grassy knoll, and we had an all around great time. Not that I'm the biggest baseball fan in the world, but we may have to check out future Thrifty Thursday events there for some super cheap entertainment.

The spring semester ends Wednesday. Yay! The bad news: the summer semester begins on Monday. Yikes. Ugh. Why in the world idd I agree to take spring AND summer classes? Am I a crazy person? I'm happy one semester is almost over, but I'm wishing for a much longer break than 4 days. These are the moments when I wonder to myself, "why in the world am I still in school?"

"So the eye needs light to see, so the soul needs labor to comprehend." --Philo

I will try to remember this next week when I'm cleaning my house top to bottom in preparation for the party we're having Saturday.

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  1. great quick takes, congrats on the speech!