27 August 2008

It's a DAVE Sale!

This is all over the interwebs, but in case you haven't heard, Dave Ramsey is having an online sale through Sept. 2nd. Most of his books, audios, and a few other items (including the envelope system) are on sale. The books and audios are down to $10 from a regular price of $24+. If you've been at all considering checking out the D.R. program, now is the time to go for it. That is, assuming you have $10 to spend on a book. If you don't, do not (DO NOT) run over and charge it on your credit card instead. Bad plan.

I have to say that the D.R. program has had a huge (and I mean HUGE) impact on our lives in the last few years. I give thanks every day for that man, his philosophy, his straight forward no-nonsense writing, and his PR people. I am so so so so grateful to have found him online one early morning when I couldn't sleep because I was up nursing awful heartburn from the stress of nearing our financial rock bottom. He is no savior, no miracle worker, no magic man, but he is everything you need to hear if you have debt and have any inkling you should probably do something about it. It is only because of him (well, his books specifically ... and the radio podcasts ... they're FREE on iTunes!) that we have been able to turn around the terrible course we were on with money.

We make less today than we did a year ago, by a quite large margin ... 75%+ less, actually, and even so, we still make it alright. We still have debt (just less than $8K in consumer plus the student loans), but have been able to pay off just over $20,000 in two years on less than a $20,000 combined income. We have seen the light, and every day is better because of it. If you have debt, if you hate it, if you're struggling, even if you aren't struggling yet, check this out. You will never think about money the same way, and it's all for the better!



23 August 2008

Super Saturday!

Have you done your grocery shopping for the week yet? I haven't. I haven't even really looked at the ad that well, though I have a pretty solid idea from last week's preview as to the mega deals floating around out there. More specifically ...

If you didn't know yet, Walgreens has a $5/$20 coupon printable online right now that is good on Saturday. The bummer is your total purchase has to be $20 after coupons and before tax to use it, but if you were going to get stuff there anyway and your out of pocket (OOP) was going to be $20 anyway, you might as well save a fiver on the whole endeavor.

Coke Shoe Deal ...
... is still going strong. Coke isn't so much on sale this week (2 liters might be, don't quote me, check the ad), but you can still score some fab deals on clearanced shoes if you were buying coke already. Heck, if you were buying shoes already, you might as well get the coke as a bonus. Either way it works like this: Buy $10 Coke products, get $10 off athletic shoes. Look for clearance ones. I scored a pair of Reeboks (reg. $50+) for $17 on clearance, minus the coupon from last week's Super Sat. and the Coke Deal promo for a grand total of $4/pair.

Nabisco Underwear Deal ...
... has changed a little, but is also still in swing. Now you purchase $10 in Nabisco and get $10 off 3 Fruit of the Loom items rather than Hanes items. If you are back to school shopping, in need of underpants, or just in the market for a great deal there is for sure one to be had here. The deal is even better if you still have the Wheat Thins wyb (When You Buy) coupons from All You.

Pepsi Denim Deal ...
... is new this week. If you purchase $10 worth of Pepsi products, you get $10 off a pair of jeans. I have no idea on the clearance jean selection, but there is for sure some potential for a great find. Pepsi 6pk 20oz bottles (I think it's 20oz ... maybe 16 ... check it out in the Sat. ad) are on sale 4/$11 plus a free 5th on Saturday. Spend $11, get 5 packs of bottles and $10 off a pair of jeans ... sounds like it could be a good one.

J-E-LL-O ...
... is also on sale this week ... and made by Kraft (if you were curious). Get out your treasure trove of All You WYB coupons and get to work. This replaces the Kool Aid deal from last week for those of you who know have enough Kool Aid to keep the family thirst quenched for several years.

Post Cereal/Milk
... is new. Post Cereals are on sale 3/$7 (specific varieties) and you get a free gallon of milk when you buy 3 of them. There is some talk about the cereal bars that are also listed at 3/$7 qualifying for the freebie milk, but I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere, nor have I done it so proceed at your own risk. This could be an ok deal if you have coupons to bring down the cereal's $7 total. If you can get it down to $5 or so it's not looking bad. If you have the freebie Post Cereal coupons from the MIR (mail in rebate) a few months ago, then it could be even better. Hmmm ... I must go find my coupons! OH! AND! Post Cereal is made by Kraft ... soooooo .... All You coupons, anyone?!

Kellogg's and Backpacks
... is also still on (until TOMORROW!!). Use the on sale items this week (Pop Tarts and Eggo Waffles) with the coupons from this month's Kellogg's insert. Buy 10 items, which will add up to $10+. You will qualify for $10 off any backpack. I always pick the cheapest ones and donate them. Then, send in your receipt for the Kellogg's $10 rebate. The key is you have to buy 10 items in one transaction to qualify, so make sure you keep track.

Oscar Mayer and Kraft Cheese
Buy cheese, get lunch meat for free. There are some good coupons to match with this if you have them. It's the good OM deli meat and the high class deli Kraft slices, so if you can get the price down it's a heck of a deal. Coupons required, though, to really make it good.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine kind of is. I will attempt to re-organize my thoughts and hit the store tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes, of course. Enjoy your weekend!



19 August 2008

I'm Back! (And do I have deals to prove it!)

I was out of town last weekend and the weekend before, in a land of places that double coupons. Can we talk about excitement? I mean, we hear about doubles all the time, about great deals because of them, about freebies, what is there not to be excited about when visiting an area that enjoys this mystical and magical phenonemon?

Before we go any further, this doubles excitement got me thinking I'm possibly a little crazier than usual. This couponer thing will eat your brain, me thinks. Second, it wasn't that awesome. All that build up and I ended up with one 25c coupon doubled up to 50c and not a single other double the whole time. I had far too many high dollar face value coupons for them to qualify anyway, so I was really no better off than had I been shopping at home. Ah well. Next time, maybe?

Ok, ok, come on lady, bring on the deals, right?

1 3pk Hanes Men's Medium TShirts: $6.99
1 3pk Hanes Men's XL TShirts: $6.99
1 6pk Hanes Women's Underwear (with bonus 7th pair!): $7.99 on price drop to $6.99
1 pair Reebok Women's Tennis Shoes: $17.99 (on clearance from $59.99)

2 24pk Diet Coke: $3.99 each + $4.80 return deposit
3 bottles PowerAde: $69c each
4 boxes Wheat Thins: $2.50 each
75 pkts Kool Aid Drink Mix: 20c each
7 boxes Crystal Light On The Go: $3.99 each
14 bottles Kraft Salad Dressing: $2.18 each
1 bowl Melon Chunks: $91c
2 Cucumbers: $1
3 Kiwi: $1
1 bowl Pineapple Chunks: $3.04
1/2 lb of Plums: 73c
1 lb Black Cherries: $3.26
1 quart Strawberries: $2
2 cans Mighty Dog Wet Food: 57c
5 bags Frisky Party Mix Cat Treats: $1.69 each


- $10 Meijer Shoe Deal
- $3 Super Saturday General Merchandise Coupon (making the shoes $4!)
- $10 Nabisco/Hanes Deal
- 75c Power Ade
- $1.00 Power Ade
- $1.69 FREE Friskie's Cat Treats (x 5!)
- $2.18 FREE Kraft Salad Dressing (x 14!)
- $2.16 FREE Produce when you buy 2 Kraft Dressings (x 7!)
- $2.50 FREE Wheat Thins (x 4!)
- 57c FREE Mighty Dog Wet Dog Food (x 2!)
- $3.99 FREE Crystal Light (x 7!)
- $5 Meijer OYNO from last week
- $4 Meijer OYNO from last week

TOTAL SAVED: $149.44

Yay! I was going to go even bigger and use up my FREE Kraft Singles and FREE Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs coupons as well, but I was kind of tired, it was hot as the dickens in the store, I already knew I had a giant stack of coupons to scan, the Kool Aid selection was pretty slim, and I knew I had to be back to the apartment in 15 minutes to watch Michael Phelps swim in the 400 relay. I also already knew that the Fruit of the Loom and Denim deals were coming out this week, and that Jello was going to be on sale. So, I held back some. Haha. The shoe promo is also still going on, fyi.

It was grand fun shopping, really. I got a nice cashier, and the only one that ended up annoyed was the lady behind me with her two bags of bird seed at ten in the evening. She can get irritated all she wants to. I don't interrupt other people's time with the cashier with huffing and sighing and foot stomping, and I don't expect others to interrupt mine.



15 August 2008

Great Deal Alerts!

Have you all picked up a thousand copies of the 8/31 All You Magazine? If not, go out TODAY and do so ... ok, well maybe not a thousand, but you get my drift. In that issue is a strip of coupons for FREE items when you buy 3 Kraft or Nabisco products. There are about a million scenarios for how to use them, especially if you have a Meijer.

For example ...
* Nabisco Underwear Deal
If you happen to buy $10 worth of Nabsico in your three items to qualify for the Kraft coupon, then you will also automatically qualify for $10 off three packages of Hanes Basics underwear, socks, or undershirts. This is fabulous if you have back to school clothing shopping needs. First, buy some cookies for lunches in a couple weeks, then get some freebies using your Kraft coupon (salad dressing, Kraft singles, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Wheat Thins, or Crystal Light), and then get $10 off your necessary underclothes purchase. Talk about a double dip! Yay!

* There are also FREE Milk when you buy Nabisco Cookies (Oreos, I think) coupons floating around grocery stores. Keep your eyes peeled, and make it an even better deal.

* Coke 24 packs are on sale this week for $3.99 (when you buy 2) if you also purchase 2 Nabisco snack crackers (INCLUDING Wheat Thins!!). If you were to also purchase some additional Coke products (Powerade, Coke 2 liters, etc), you would qualify at checkout for $10 off any pair of athletic shoes. I hear this could potentially mean some relatively cheap pop, some free Wheat Thins, and some nearly free tennis shoes. Super yay!

* Finally, if you don't need underroos or tennis shoes, check out the Kool Aid 20/$2 sale. Read the back of the package, near the bottom, then smile to yourself and proceed to dancing in the aisles.

I'm out of town for the weekend (to a place that by chance doubles coupons!), but I'll be back with bells on. There is much to discuss.



04 August 2008


I'm so very sorry, GSF readers. I have all but abandoned you the last week or so. I have tons of great ideas for posting, more menus, and a Top of the Month post for August, but I've been swamped with work, finals, house stuff, and coaching. For a girl who blogs about simplicity, I sure do have a lot going on. I will be back very shortly, just as soon as I finish up this 40 page paper and take my last final on Tuesday. Look for new posts on Wednesday! There's much to discuss, but for now, back to the drudgery of 50 year old psychological theories.

Ever so simply,