15 August 2008

Great Deal Alerts!

Have you all picked up a thousand copies of the 8/31 All You Magazine? If not, go out TODAY and do so ... ok, well maybe not a thousand, but you get my drift. In that issue is a strip of coupons for FREE items when you buy 3 Kraft or Nabisco products. There are about a million scenarios for how to use them, especially if you have a Meijer.

For example ...
* Nabisco Underwear Deal
If you happen to buy $10 worth of Nabsico in your three items to qualify for the Kraft coupon, then you will also automatically qualify for $10 off three packages of Hanes Basics underwear, socks, or undershirts. This is fabulous if you have back to school clothing shopping needs. First, buy some cookies for lunches in a couple weeks, then get some freebies using your Kraft coupon (salad dressing, Kraft singles, Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Wheat Thins, or Crystal Light), and then get $10 off your necessary underclothes purchase. Talk about a double dip! Yay!

* There are also FREE Milk when you buy Nabisco Cookies (Oreos, I think) coupons floating around grocery stores. Keep your eyes peeled, and make it an even better deal.

* Coke 24 packs are on sale this week for $3.99 (when you buy 2) if you also purchase 2 Nabisco snack crackers (INCLUDING Wheat Thins!!). If you were to also purchase some additional Coke products (Powerade, Coke 2 liters, etc), you would qualify at checkout for $10 off any pair of athletic shoes. I hear this could potentially mean some relatively cheap pop, some free Wheat Thins, and some nearly free tennis shoes. Super yay!

* Finally, if you don't need underroos or tennis shoes, check out the Kool Aid 20/$2 sale. Read the back of the package, near the bottom, then smile to yourself and proceed to dancing in the aisles.

I'm out of town for the weekend (to a place that by chance doubles coupons!), but I'll be back with bells on. There is much to discuss.



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