19 August 2008

I'm Back! (And do I have deals to prove it!)

I was out of town last weekend and the weekend before, in a land of places that double coupons. Can we talk about excitement? I mean, we hear about doubles all the time, about great deals because of them, about freebies, what is there not to be excited about when visiting an area that enjoys this mystical and magical phenonemon?

Before we go any further, this doubles excitement got me thinking I'm possibly a little crazier than usual. This couponer thing will eat your brain, me thinks. Second, it wasn't that awesome. All that build up and I ended up with one 25c coupon doubled up to 50c and not a single other double the whole time. I had far too many high dollar face value coupons for them to qualify anyway, so I was really no better off than had I been shopping at home. Ah well. Next time, maybe?

Ok, ok, come on lady, bring on the deals, right?

1 3pk Hanes Men's Medium TShirts: $6.99
1 3pk Hanes Men's XL TShirts: $6.99
1 6pk Hanes Women's Underwear (with bonus 7th pair!): $7.99 on price drop to $6.99
1 pair Reebok Women's Tennis Shoes: $17.99 (on clearance from $59.99)

2 24pk Diet Coke: $3.99 each + $4.80 return deposit
3 bottles PowerAde: $69c each
4 boxes Wheat Thins: $2.50 each
75 pkts Kool Aid Drink Mix: 20c each
7 boxes Crystal Light On The Go: $3.99 each
14 bottles Kraft Salad Dressing: $2.18 each
1 bowl Melon Chunks: $91c
2 Cucumbers: $1
3 Kiwi: $1
1 bowl Pineapple Chunks: $3.04
1/2 lb of Plums: 73c
1 lb Black Cherries: $3.26
1 quart Strawberries: $2
2 cans Mighty Dog Wet Food: 57c
5 bags Frisky Party Mix Cat Treats: $1.69 each


- $10 Meijer Shoe Deal
- $3 Super Saturday General Merchandise Coupon (making the shoes $4!)
- $10 Nabisco/Hanes Deal
- 75c Power Ade
- $1.00 Power Ade
- $1.69 FREE Friskie's Cat Treats (x 5!)
- $2.18 FREE Kraft Salad Dressing (x 14!)
- $2.16 FREE Produce when you buy 2 Kraft Dressings (x 7!)
- $2.50 FREE Wheat Thins (x 4!)
- 57c FREE Mighty Dog Wet Dog Food (x 2!)
- $3.99 FREE Crystal Light (x 7!)
- $5 Meijer OYNO from last week
- $4 Meijer OYNO from last week

TOTAL SAVED: $149.44

Yay! I was going to go even bigger and use up my FREE Kraft Singles and FREE Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs coupons as well, but I was kind of tired, it was hot as the dickens in the store, I already knew I had a giant stack of coupons to scan, the Kool Aid selection was pretty slim, and I knew I had to be back to the apartment in 15 minutes to watch Michael Phelps swim in the 400 relay. I also already knew that the Fruit of the Loom and Denim deals were coming out this week, and that Jello was going to be on sale. So, I held back some. Haha. The shoe promo is also still going on, fyi.

It was grand fun shopping, really. I got a nice cashier, and the only one that ended up annoyed was the lady behind me with her two bags of bird seed at ten in the evening. She can get irritated all she wants to. I don't interrupt other people's time with the cashier with huffing and sighing and foot stomping, and I don't expect others to interrupt mine.



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