23 August 2008

Super Saturday!

Have you done your grocery shopping for the week yet? I haven't. I haven't even really looked at the ad that well, though I have a pretty solid idea from last week's preview as to the mega deals floating around out there. More specifically ...

If you didn't know yet, Walgreens has a $5/$20 coupon printable online right now that is good on Saturday. The bummer is your total purchase has to be $20 after coupons and before tax to use it, but if you were going to get stuff there anyway and your out of pocket (OOP) was going to be $20 anyway, you might as well save a fiver on the whole endeavor.

Coke Shoe Deal ...
... is still going strong. Coke isn't so much on sale this week (2 liters might be, don't quote me, check the ad), but you can still score some fab deals on clearanced shoes if you were buying coke already. Heck, if you were buying shoes already, you might as well get the coke as a bonus. Either way it works like this: Buy $10 Coke products, get $10 off athletic shoes. Look for clearance ones. I scored a pair of Reeboks (reg. $50+) for $17 on clearance, minus the coupon from last week's Super Sat. and the Coke Deal promo for a grand total of $4/pair.

Nabisco Underwear Deal ...
... has changed a little, but is also still in swing. Now you purchase $10 in Nabisco and get $10 off 3 Fruit of the Loom items rather than Hanes items. If you are back to school shopping, in need of underpants, or just in the market for a great deal there is for sure one to be had here. The deal is even better if you still have the Wheat Thins wyb (When You Buy) coupons from All You.

Pepsi Denim Deal ...
... is new this week. If you purchase $10 worth of Pepsi products, you get $10 off a pair of jeans. I have no idea on the clearance jean selection, but there is for sure some potential for a great find. Pepsi 6pk 20oz bottles (I think it's 20oz ... maybe 16 ... check it out in the Sat. ad) are on sale 4/$11 plus a free 5th on Saturday. Spend $11, get 5 packs of bottles and $10 off a pair of jeans ... sounds like it could be a good one.

J-E-LL-O ...
... is also on sale this week ... and made by Kraft (if you were curious). Get out your treasure trove of All You WYB coupons and get to work. This replaces the Kool Aid deal from last week for those of you who know have enough Kool Aid to keep the family thirst quenched for several years.

Post Cereal/Milk
... is new. Post Cereals are on sale 3/$7 (specific varieties) and you get a free gallon of milk when you buy 3 of them. There is some talk about the cereal bars that are also listed at 3/$7 qualifying for the freebie milk, but I haven't seen this confirmed anywhere, nor have I done it so proceed at your own risk. This could be an ok deal if you have coupons to bring down the cereal's $7 total. If you can get it down to $5 or so it's not looking bad. If you have the freebie Post Cereal coupons from the MIR (mail in rebate) a few months ago, then it could be even better. Hmmm ... I must go find my coupons! OH! AND! Post Cereal is made by Kraft ... soooooo .... All You coupons, anyone?!

Kellogg's and Backpacks
... is also still on (until TOMORROW!!). Use the on sale items this week (Pop Tarts and Eggo Waffles) with the coupons from this month's Kellogg's insert. Buy 10 items, which will add up to $10+. You will qualify for $10 off any backpack. I always pick the cheapest ones and donate them. Then, send in your receipt for the Kellogg's $10 rebate. The key is you have to buy 10 items in one transaction to qualify, so make sure you keep track.

Oscar Mayer and Kraft Cheese
Buy cheese, get lunch meat for free. There are some good coupons to match with this if you have them. It's the good OM deli meat and the high class deli Kraft slices, so if you can get the price down it's a heck of a deal. Coupons required, though, to really make it good.

Is your head spinning yet? Mine kind of is. I will attempt to re-organize my thoughts and hit the store tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes, of course. Enjoy your weekend!



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