27 August 2008

It's a DAVE Sale!

This is all over the interwebs, but in case you haven't heard, Dave Ramsey is having an online sale through Sept. 2nd. Most of his books, audios, and a few other items (including the envelope system) are on sale. The books and audios are down to $10 from a regular price of $24+. If you've been at all considering checking out the D.R. program, now is the time to go for it. That is, assuming you have $10 to spend on a book. If you don't, do not (DO NOT) run over and charge it on your credit card instead. Bad plan.

I have to say that the D.R. program has had a huge (and I mean HUGE) impact on our lives in the last few years. I give thanks every day for that man, his philosophy, his straight forward no-nonsense writing, and his PR people. I am so so so so grateful to have found him online one early morning when I couldn't sleep because I was up nursing awful heartburn from the stress of nearing our financial rock bottom. He is no savior, no miracle worker, no magic man, but he is everything you need to hear if you have debt and have any inkling you should probably do something about it. It is only because of him (well, his books specifically ... and the radio podcasts ... they're FREE on iTunes!) that we have been able to turn around the terrible course we were on with money.

We make less today than we did a year ago, by a quite large margin ... 75%+ less, actually, and even so, we still make it alright. We still have debt (just less than $8K in consumer plus the student loans), but have been able to pay off just over $20,000 in two years on less than a $20,000 combined income. We have seen the light, and every day is better because of it. If you have debt, if you hate it, if you're struggling, even if you aren't struggling yet, check this out. You will never think about money the same way, and it's all for the better!



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