02 September 2008

Deals, deals, deals.

There are many a deal to be had this week. I simply haven't gotten around to writing them down yet. Try Target for the Kellogg's gift card deal (it's in the ad), especially if you still have Kellogg's insert coupons left. Try Meijer for the Capril Sun catalina, $3 OYNO when you buy 4. I hear they're made by Kraft ... if you have All You coupons left.

Sidebar ... is it awful if I am tempted to get my hands on more of those amazing little buggers? Haha.

The long and the short of it, no superb list of deal scenarios to be had here today. I have dinner to make, homework to do, a mild world war to contain, and a disagreement to remedy. I do highly encourage you to check out the handful of other deal specific sites out there, or HCW for more info. They are out there, these great deals. You just have to go looking for them.



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