10 September 2008

Shopping List!

There are still great deals abounding around here between Meijer, Walgreens, and Target.

I hit up the Target Kellogg's giftcard deal pretty hard last week (on the last day ... ha) so I have a stash of $5 GCs to roll on, which is a bonus. I may even make the trek over to the nicer Target to see what's on clearance since my usual one was kind of sparse in the orange tag department.

Also, check out the Kashi giftcard deal this week. I hear the Go Lean! frozen waffles may be included, making for some amazingly cheap frozen to toaster goodness, even without coupons. There are some online printables if you can find them (and have ink ... I don't as of right now).

And, check out the Febreeze Noticables. I hear they're on sale for $5.99. Matched up with the Proctor and Gamble coupon insert could make for some mighty cheap Febreeze goodness.

Do they just really like to give things away for free? Get to the store and partake. Grab an Easy Saver Rebate booklet if you don't have one already. You'll need it. Check through and match the coupons in that book with the items I've listed. Most of them match up and since you can use a Walgreens coupon with a Manufacturer's coupon, you're good to go on the road to FREE(!!) goods.

Check out ... Visine! Dove Chocolates (2 bars at a time)! Chex Mix (needs internet coupon)! Oust! Colgate Freshmax Toothbrushes! Crest ProHealth Mouthwash (free after Register Reward, will have to pay upfront)! SC Johnson Cleaning Supplies (select varieties, check coupons from inserts for best matches)! Robitussin or Dimetapp (also, will need internet coupon)!

I also found a solid clearance selection of all the Kiwi brand shoe shining products at my local Walgreens. The whole kit (reg. $12) was on clearance for $2. Brushes (reg. $3-4) for 82c, polish tins for 75c, shoelaces for 25-30c. It was like magic! I'm in the market for more if anyone spots any. Be has a T-O-N of shine-necessary shoes.

There's a 10/10 11th free this week. Many good deals with coupon matchups (even more if you have doubles, which I don't). There are also a number of catalina and money off promotions still running. Now would be a good time to get Chef BoyADee or Snack Packs, for example, especially if you have the cooler lunch box mail in rebate from a few weeks ago's insert, though I don't remember the ending promo date. My favorite, of course, is the Breyer's ice cream pints. We are down to our last 3 from the last time they were included. I'll pay $1 (well, 90c) for Breyer's pints any day of the week! Oh! And Lysol is on sale 1/2 off!

Land O Lakes Buttery Spread: Buy 2, Get 75c.
Glade Scented Oil Warmers: Buy 1, Get $2 (no limit per transaction!).
Glade Gel Plugin Refills: Buy 1, Get $2 (also no limit, and these are regular priced under $2 normally).
Colgate/Speedstick/Softsoap: Buy 5 items, Get $5 (no travels this time, try the Softsoap as it's likely the best deal unless you need/find clearanced toothpaste).
Powerade Zero: Buy 6, Get $4.
Green Giant Veggies (includes PLAIN Steamers): Buy 3, Get $1 (some have reported being able to do 2 of these in one transaction, but not 3 ... I cannot confirm either yet).

Money Offs:
Pepsi: Buy $10 Pepsi products, Get $10 off Denim ($10.99 Falls Creek jeans this week = 99c pants! And, 2 liters are in the 10/10!).
Coke: Buy $10 Coke products (of which Powerade Zero is one!), Get $10 off Athletic Shoes (clearance shoes are still out there, especially if you need kids' sneakers).
Nabisco: Buy $10 Nabisco cookies or crackers, Get $10 off 3 Fruit of the Loom Basics (an even better deal since socks and underwear are both on sale this week in addition).
Kellogg's: Buy $10 Kellogg's products, Get $10 off a backpack (many clearance backpacks under $10 out there!).

Goodness, gracious, I think my head is spinning. Now, off to file away this week's coupons in my book for easy access tomorrow on what I fear may become an all afternoon affair. I hope my trunk is empty ...



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