09 September 2008

Top 'O The Month: The Delayed September Edition

I have the most difficult time posting this every month because it seems like our numbers don't so much change that much in 30 days. Two months' progress, that at least looks like something, I guess.

EFund ... $1000.42! Yay! We are back on track EFund wise. It was down to under $400, which I hate, so we worked primarily on building that back up.

Dream Savings ... $0.72. Booo! We're in income limbo right now, and rather than deplete the EFund in case of a real emergency, we decided to liquidate the Dream Savings for the time being so that we could stay on budget until this income limbo thing gets resolved. It's not a nice feeling, and I nearly cried when it happened, but I'm moving forward.

Jeep ... $940. Yay for being under a grand. This is slated for pay off somewhere around December or January depending on the remaining principle to clear the loan. I hate those weird end of loan pay off amounts. They make my calculating tricky, and I don't have the payment book next to me so I can't be positive.

GP ... $5392.68.

C1 ... $394.10. Finally under $400. I swore it wasn't moving at all, but since it's now on the top of the snowball list, things are picking up for sure.

AV ... $0! PAID OFF! Yay!

VSA ... $0! PAID OFF! Yay!

That's $1345.24 worth of progress from the last TOTM post (July). Yay! I'm pretty happy with the progress since we're on a bare bones budget until this income thing is fixed (which won't be for quite awhile, I fear). Let's keep our fingers crossed that prices stay at least somewhat reasonable in the interim so we can continue to make rockin' progress.



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