09 June 2009

Super Saver: Water, Water Everywhere Edition

I've been a little lax on the grocery shopping lately. I hit up the super deals (sometimes ... ), but I leave the rest alone. We have plenty of food in the house, and every so often I just get the urge to use it up rather than add to the stockpile. This natural downsizing inclination helps keep everything well rotated, and hopefully will create enough freezer space for fall butchering (fingers crossed ...). That said, Be and I hit up Meijer on Saturday evening because no matter my shopping aversions sometimes, the power of free things compels me back to the store.

6 Mrs. Dash seasoning mixes: on sale, $1.99 - $1/2 Meijer coupons - 50c/1 manufacture coupons = 99c each.
6 lbs ground beef: on sale, $1.59 - $1/1 wyb Mrs. Dash coupons = 59c/lb.
16 Crystal Light On The Go: on sale, $2.99 - $1/1 Meijer coupons - $1/1 manufacture coupons = 99c each.
2 Crystal Light Skin Essentials: on sale, $2.99 - FREE coupon = $0!
8 cases of Meijer bottled water: orig. price unknown, - Meijer promo for buying Crystal Light = FREE!
4 Nabisco Cookies: on sale, $2.50 - 55c/1 coupons = 1.95 each.
2 half gallons Meijer ice cream: orig. price unknown - Meijer promo for buying cookies = FREE!
2 pkgs Meijer bagels: on sale, $2 each.
10 2ltrs Dr. Pepper: $1.39 - B3, G2 sale - FREE 2ltr coupon = $6.95 + $1 deposit = 70c each.
2 loaves Meijer bread: on sale, 99c each.

Total after coupons: $46.05
- 15% off grocery catalinas earned by my brother when buying his girlfriend's birthday gift last week. I gave the cats first, so that they came off the pre-coupon total. Hooray little brother for thinking of me and not tossing the cats in the trash.

- 4 $2 catalinas for buying Crystal Light.

Final Total: $35.42

Total Saved: $127.00

78% savings! Yay! We don't buy bottled water, preferring to use the filter and a wide array of Nalgene bottles. However, with ummer coming and sweet coupon deals, I'm more than willing to take cases of the stuff home for FREE!

Want to see more totals? Check out Gayle's round-up at Grocery Cart Challenge.



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