09 June 2009

Gratituesday: 9 June

I'm grateful for ...

... absolute providence (I was worried about money last week, and now, a perfectly fabulous part time job offered without my application and a bit of a business upswing all at the same time).
... fast growing little green friends all over the garden.
... bountiful rain, the elixir of life.
... Sundays spent with friends, large groups and small.
... The White Bucket Project.
... the promise of in season strawberries, very soon.
... leftover spaghetti in the morning.
... new friends, laughing, in pajamas.
... an attentive Be whose love style is most clearly the gift of service. Thank you, love.
... Ed Dobson, again. Great words from a great man.
... that feeling that no matter the miles (to Greenland ... yikes!), no matter the time (years, unfortunately) that first hug is just as perfect and comfortable as the last time. My cousin (and former debate partner in high school) was home for his brother's wedding this weekend. He's a Cpt. in the USAF, and I count him among my dearest, closest friends. He likely knows more about me (even the nitty gritty dirty stuff) than anyone else in the world. Those stolen moments, even though he was busy with his Best Man duties, were fabulous. Now, back to Greenland he goes. I'll miss you, Reric.
... a journey that is just beginning.

What are you grateful for today? Please go check out Laura's blog for even more grateful posting.



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