30 June 2009

Gratituesday: Start Again

If I had a voice
It would sound like yours
If I had a voice
And if my eyes could see
They would see much more than I believed was there
Learn to speak
Learn to see
Forget what I once knew
And start again

As I watch you move
I am moving too
As I watch you move
And as you travel through
I am walking too
I am moved by you
So leave this place
Where I can't turn
I can't even breathe
And start again

And if I had your heart
I could dare like you
If I had your heart
But I can't seem to start
To love the world like that
If I wanted to
But I could learn to trust
Just enough
To push on past the end
And start again
Start again

I am constantly grateful for the chance to call in a mulligan and try something again. More often than not, I'm trying it over more than once, or twice, or 12 times. I want to be kinder with those I love, and I slip up and drop not so nicey remarks into conversations. I want to make sure my family is well fed, but sometimes I get lazy and let them make frozen chicken nuggets in the microwave. I want to be a servant, with a clear conscience and a full heart, but I sleep in on Sunday mornings and continue to live what is probably a pretty insane lie of omission in not telling anyone where I'm going (I can't even tell you how uncomfortable I am writing that online where I know people who know me are reading ... baby steps ... ). I want to follow this path that my heart tells me is right. I want to start again.

And I'm thankful for the opportunity.



ps, the lyrics are from Catie Curtis' "Start Again". You should listen to it ... amazing melody ... soup for my soul anyday.

pps, for more Gratituesday, check out Laura at Heavenly Homemakers.

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