27 June 2009

Super Saver Saturday: Meijer GDAs for 6/28

I'm not usually this on top of deal matching, honestly often scrambling on Saturday afternoon to get my lists ready, but this week I've already seen tomorrow's ad and pulled the matches I like for this week. Yay! My thoughts, why not share them with you?

6.28 Meijer
Pepsi 24 packs: on sale, $3.99/ea when you buy 4 - $2/1 any Pepsi coupons from the Coupon Rebate earlier this year if you did it and still have them (I've been hoarding mine for just such an occasion) = $7.96 total, or $1.99 each. Yes!

Lays Chips: on sale, $1.99 - $1/2 coupon = $1.49/ea.

Ekrich hot dogs: on sale, 78c/ea (in conjunction with a grocery purchase, you can't just buy hot dogs, apparently). I hear there are coupons out for these. I can't find mine at the moment.

Bagelfuls: on sale, $2/ea - $1/1 Kraft Bagelfuls printable = $1 each. (I think these things are a little scary, personally, but I've been promising them to a certain family member once they made it down to $1 ... sigh).

Heluva Good Dip: on sale, $1.19/ea - $1/1 coupons = 19c each! Yes!

Old Orchard Juice: on sale, $1.67/ea - $1/2 coupons = $1.17 each. If you have a store that doubles, they'll be 17c!! Old Orchard is good stuff, made just down the road from here from fruit grown in between my house and theirs. 17c!? Absolutely, yes, please. (Oh, how I envy you doubling grocery store shoppers ... ).

Ziplocks: on sale, $2 - coupons that vary from 40c/1 to $1/2 to sometimes $1/1. I'm not necessarily advocating a stock up, but keep your eyes peeled since these often have peel off coupons on them that are better than the insert ones. Check them out in store, and if they aren't worth it, wait it out.

Chicken drumsticks and thighs: on sale, 99c/lb. (It's grilling season ... time for bbq'd chicken legs! Stock up a bit at this price as I haven't seen the 79c/lb drums/thighs price in a long, long time.)

And! A 10/$10 (11th FREE!) that includes ...

Coke product 2 liters

Green Giant Steamers and boxed veggies: Also, keep an eye out for peelies on these since there aren't any current coupons ... or at least I don't have any.

Bounty Big Roll Paper Towels: -$1/2 coupon = 50c each. I stopped buying paper towels (despite the near mutinous revolt that followed), but if you're still beholden to disposable, this may be good for you.

Breakstone Sour Cream: -$1/2 printable coupon = 50c each. I don't use sour cream that often, but I may need to find a few recipes this week.

ChiChi's Salsa: -55c/1 coupon = 45c each. Yes, please.

Hormel Deli Pepperoni: -75c/1 = 25c each. This is a YMMV (your money/manager/mileage may vary) since I'm not positive the deli size is what the coupon actually counts for when it scans. Give it a whirl, and if it works, make pizza subs with all your cheap giant pepperonis.

Ronzoni Smart Pasta: -$1/1 manufacturer coupon - $1/2 Meijer coupon = +50c! I don't have any of these manu coupons, because I was convinced this stuff was never, ever going on sale for $1 again. Haha, oops. I sent mine away and now, voila! Sale time! If you have them, stock up!! If you don't and need pasta, print the Meijer coupons and get it for 50c/box, which isn't terrible. Check the regular price of Meijer brand, though, to make sure this is still cheaper.

Dentek Flossers: This gets a big ole question mark next to it, because although I've seen talk online that they are included, I can't find it in my ad. I may be blind. If so, there are great coupons out from both inserts and All You magazine for these. I tried to use mine last time they were included, and the stores were out completely long before I got there (and for weeks after ...).

There are, of course, other things in the ad. I either don't need them or was not struck by them being an amazing deal. This doesn't mean they aren't. Feel free to add in your own matchups in the comments if you like. Questions? Please ask. I'm more than happy to answer them!



ps, I'm also going shopping today on this week's ad for 99c/lb grapes, BOGO Tostinos, Koolaid with FREE mac & cheese, 1/2 price Super Pretzels and Sara Lee frozen cake, and Cool Whip (15 CENTS each when you buy 6 ... are you kidding me?! Dessert, please!). I may get in a breakdown tonight ... we can hope. Happy Shopping!

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