02 June 2009

Gratituesday: 2 June

This week, I'm grateful for ...

... sunshine!
... most adorable little green shoots coming up in the garden, life embodied from my own hands.
... pajama Tuesday (We occasionally declare it Pajama Day! here. Love love love pajama day!)
... Mars Hill.
... good friends, and those time machine moments when we can all be together in a room, laughing like there aren't a whole world's worth of miles between us regularly.
... a hilarious family that enjoys being together, eating ice cream, and laughing until our sides hurt.
... our hometown, only 20 minutes from where we live now, where we can go and just breathe (the links are pictures ... share in the beauty).
... Betty Crocker confetti cake (the rainbow chip one). It's not scratch, and it's far from good for you, but it's sooooooooo tasty (and was requested by yesterday's birthday girl).
... great people, with big hearts (and the occasional extra Rolex ... which is a reference only one person will get ... haha).
... the kids I work with, amazing young adults who are looking like they'll turn into great grown-ups one day.
... a little bit of a cool breeze, refreshing after the humidity.
... every day I get to be part of this amazing world.

What are you grateful for today? Want to see what others are grateful for? Check out Laura's blog.



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  1. I LOVE northern MI! Wish we made it up there more often. We are so blessed by many of the little things in life. Thanks for sharing.