09 June 2009

Simple Sunday: June 7

Note: Blogger and I had a bit of a disagreement about the scheduling of these posts, apparently, so they didn't go up when they were supposed to. For that, I apologize.

Summer time is often busy for a lot of families with events and outings and the like. This Sunday was one of those days for us with two graduation open houses and a wedding. Sitting among the bowls of buttermints and half eaten pieces of cake (also, who only eats half of their cake ...?! ), I had a very 'Simple Sunday' moment. I love the unending smile of a new bride, surrounded by her friends, completely in love with this moment and the toothy grins of new grads, the whole world in front of them. They give me that oh how I love simplicity sigh. I remember those moments. I think that's probably why people attend these events in droves. They want to remember those same moments in their own history and recreate those feelings, if only for a few minutes or a couple hours.

This Simple Sunday I'm in love with rites of passage, community celebrations, and the love between family members that no matter their distance or time apart, can be almost immediately rekindled. It's just a party, just a cake that your mom insisted on putting your face on, just a group of people sharing a meal ... just that until the memories and feelings make it so much more.

Congrats to those whose snapshot (a moment you will always remember like a polaroid, still shot glimpses of a before) moments we got to share in this weekend. Thank you.



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