31 May 2009

Simple Sunday: 31 May

Oh, Sundays, how I adore thee. I got up this morning and met a friend for church. We had an most amazing time. Then we hit up the local Baskin-Robbins for ice cream. I came home, checked on my pretty little garden friends, and read the newspaper. Mysteriously, my Meijer ad is missing, but having already seen the preview online, I'm none too worried. My brother's girlfriend and I watched a movie. I made some yummy spaghetti for dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, and finished the dishes. That brings us to right now.

Ahhhhhhh, glorious Sunday.

The simple thing I love the most today is living life in the moment. So many times during the rest of the week, I'm distracted by 109 things other than what I'm supposed to be working on at that moment. I am guilty of the "Uh huh" in a conversation where someone would really prefer I be listening over pretending to. Most of my week is spent splitting my attention, never giving anything full strength, and being rushed around from one thing to the next. Sundays, by contrast, are "do what I want" days where I go at my own pace, getting done what I feel like getting done, and not feeling guilty about it. Letting go of that guilt for one day is the refreshment I need in a world where I'm not ready to make everyday into a "do what I want" extravaganza. I love my Sundays, my little breathers from the real world.

How about you? What simple treasure are you loving this Sunday? Feel free to comment and share!



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