24 May 2009

Ahhhh, simple Sundays.

As the title of the blog may have led you to believe, I take a lot of pleasure in the simplest things. I love staring at blue skies. I revel in the first sweet cherry of the season. I smile about the firt smell of fall (except I don't like at all that winter follows). Also on my list of amazingly simple pleasures is the magic that is gardening.

I absolutly love watching things grow. Those amazing little seeds that can go from dried and dead looking to bountiful producer of tasty goods fascinate me. I think just sprouted seeds are exceptionally awesome as their little green tendrals work through layers of dirt in search of sun, poking out little by little, and making me constantly fight the urge to rescue them by brushing off the last few pieces of dirt. We spent all day with hands covered in dirt and compost, sunshining on our faces, putting little green bundles of potential life into soil nourished by its former incarnations. So simple, so beautiful, such a wonderful way to spend a Sunday.

How did you spend your Sunday?

Simply (and with dirty fingernails),


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