01 May 2009

Top 'O the Month: May

It's been awhile since I posted a TOTM review, and although I dig them a ton, I really only dig them when there is progress made. One month to another there isn't a whole lot of change here lately because of the temporary 1 (1/2?) income situation. Well, that's not entirely true. There's change, alright, but not always the good kind.

The numbers ...

EFund: $1000
This will diminish likely in the sooner rather than later unless Be's work comp problems are resolved in the next month or so ... or I get paid like I'm supposed to ... or we hit the lotto which we never play.

Dream Savings: $16
We have a new dream for the dream savings, and I'm still not telling you what it is. Haha.

Jeep: $0!

GP: $3962.49
It's under $4K ... finally! We'll be paying this for awhile yet, but there's absolutely a psychological advantage to each $1000 mark drop.

C1: $486.02
Uh ... yea ... confession time. Someone used the only active credit card that's in my name. Someone who shall remain nameless ... because well, everyone has a relapse at some point and she doesn't want to talk about it. Rest assured she didn't spend it on things outside of the budget. She just used it in place of the budgeted cash amount when the cash wasn't there instead of changing the budget like a good girl would have. She will not do this again. She promises.

AV: $0!

VSA: $110.70
Ugh. Someone else ... whose name shall also not be used ... has apparently been using his card repeatedly instead of the ONE TIME to keep it active. Grr. We're a whole ball of messing up this month.


I guess we all screw up occasionally. This half budgeted craziness with the non-regular income is starting to get to me. Income in, Expenses out, on a schedule is much more fun for me. Juggling sporadic income that is subpar in comparison to our barebones expenses is a little annoying. I suppose I can't beat myself up much worse than posting the numbers for the world to see, eh? I shall resolve to be a better steward this month than last. Resolve, resolve, resolve.

How are your numbers looking?



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