18 May 2009

Gratituesday: 5/19

I am grateful, every day, for something (usually many somethings). This week, those somethings are encapsulated in bullet points. I like lists a whoooooooole lot, probably more than anyone should.

I'm grateful for ...

... warm days.
... being only a weekend away from pretty green plants in pretty little rows.
... leaves! on my teeny tiny grape plants! the ones I thought I killed (somehow) over the winter!
... Barb, my 100 year old rhubarb root transplant who is now perfectly enormous and just waiting for strawberries to join her in a pie crust.
... good, dark, french pressed coffee.
... the smell of automotive degreasing hand cleaner (ok, I'm actually not at all grateful for that smell ... it wafts through my entire house and drives me perfectly crazy in its awfulness. Instead, I'm really grateful for Be and his automotive skills that keep us from having to run around finding mechanics or spending enormous amounts of money on repairs).
... Ed Dobson, whom I got to see live and in person last week, and who said the things I somehow knew he would ... in precisely the perfect way.
... pauses.
... la bibliotheque, home of the unending supply of thought provoking moments, all for free.
... you.

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1 comment:

  1. it is great that your grapes are doing good my father loved his grapes and strawberry plants so I realize how thankful you were when you saw those leaves