08 May 2009

7 Quick Takes: Vol 3.

It's been a little quiet around here this week. There wasn't even a Gratituesday post (which are my favorites, by the way). The new semester started this week, and very honestly, the new 830am class is just about killing my time management ability. I am not an 830am kind of girl. 830pm? Sure. We are pals, but not it's early morning twin ... not at all. That and the shortened term (6 weeks instead of 15) have had me a little busy this first week readjusting my schedules and the like. The menu has been saving me, though. I managed to make 3 dinners on Tuesday night (Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Friday's for us, and another pan of each of Wednesday's and Friday's for friends whose baby was born on Monday) plus 3 trays of cookies in the span of just a couple hours. Of course, I had to burn the palm of my left hand on the last tray of cookies, because ... well, things just can't go that perfectly.

I have heartburn again. I am not liking it at all. I really should stop eating things that trigger it. I know what the triggers are (spicy food, grease, garlic, citrus, citric acid, and all things citric acid is hiding in, tomatoes, and on and on), but darn it if those aren't the things I like to eat most. Ugh. I do not like this feeling one bit, and I am hoping that one day I learn to stop doing it to myself.

Also on the list of things I should not do: watch the movie Deep Impact late at night by myself (which I'm doing right.this.very.second.). Not only is the thought of an Extinction Level Event enough to get my overactive imagination primed to bring a night's sleep full of awful dreams, but I cannot help but cry during the last few minutes during the exchange between mother and daughter on the crowded expressway. If you haven't seen it yet, watch it with Kleenex handy.

I feel like our gardening adventure may already be behind the ball this year. We decided not to start seedlings inside this winter because we hadn't figured out a way to prevent a repeat of last year's greenhouse disaster. We are still trying to decide if we're going to use in-ground methods or raised beds this year which means neither the rototilling nor the raised bed construction has started. I know we are at least a week or two away from the last risk of frost here, so I don't feel sooooo bad about not having a solid handle on the plan yet, but when others in the area start posting about their early crops going in the ground I start to get a little envious and a little more anxious. I spent the majority of this afternoon working on my canning knowledge so I at least felt like I was making some progress toward our garden goals.

Be and I finally had a solid conversation on faith this week. It went ... oh, about 100 times better than I thought it was going to. We have always been a little gun shy about discussing these things. Ok, maybe I've been a little gun shy mostly. I don't know why necessarily. I can't really explain whatever was compelling me to keep quiet way back when we started this adventure. Be was most amicable to talking and listening, sometime I'm hoping we'll be doing more of in the future. I'm still not really ready to talk specifics here, but know that it went really well and I'm happy about it.

I started putting $1 bills in a box when I clean out my pockets at night. In a cash only, zero based budgeting household, even $1 bills count, but I've been trying to discipline myself into putting whatever I have from the day's spending (usually one or two of them) in the box regardless. I am not yet convinced that they will stay in there forever, or even that they will make it to the savings account, but I have high hopes that they can at least be a mini-emergency fund for those little household things that come up occasionally. I haven't counted it, but in the last week or so I think I've put in at least $8 or $10. That's a start of something, for sure.

I have an entire month's worth of coupons that have been cut, but not yet put away in the coupon binder. How in the world did that happen? Wanna come over, bring your horribly behind coupon filing, drink coffee, and put them away together? It could be a party or some such ... a very nerdy, kind of crazy, possibly a little odd coupon-y party. I'm thinking ... is now good? No, probably not, as it's 3am and all. Tomorrow, then?



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