01 May 2009

7 Quick Takes: Vol 3

Mashed potatoes with cream corn on top may be the ultimate comfort food. I made some last night, and the leftovers are sitting in front of me now in a place I like to call carb heaven. Oh. My. Word. Pure looooooove.

I have to go back to classes next week. This does not make me all too excited, honestly. I'm just starting to get into the 'no class' routine of reading mass quantities of library goodness, making homemade dinners without the pressure of schedules, and enjoying the sunshine (if it would ever stop raining here ...). The thought of returning to the drudgery of non-expressive thought and unoriginal research makes my stomach turn. Please, no. This happens every time we have a semester break, because I have the time for my brain to start protesting the torture it endures the remainder of the year. My soul is not nourished by this program anymore and it tries to revolt and cast doubts on my continuing any time it has the chance. *sigh*

I picked up new library books on Wednesday. I have Plain & Simple and Everyday Sacred by Sue Bender, Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller, and The Third Jesus by Deepak Chopra. I already finished the first Bender book, and although my intense fascination with the Amish remains, my curiosity was not at all satisfied by the style of her prose. It's fragmented in parts, more a personal journal than a published piece of literature, and it is kind of deterring me from reading the other one if her writing style is going to be the same. I'm also reading Long Way Gone: Memories of a Boy Soldier by Ishmael Beah at the same time. Babies killing babies often gets too intense and I need a less brutal literary break to recollect.

Speaking of books, I would really (reeeaaaallllyyy) like bookshelves in the office. I have 3 little cubbies on the hutch over my desk that currently hold my top 25 books, but the boxes and boxes of other favorites stored in the back of the office closet are aching to be out in the open as well. Book shelves, however, are not in the budget currently. Maybe I'll get garage sale lucky this summer and find a set in need of the touch of handy Be that will do the trick. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

I'm thinking about trying out a new church experience. I hesitate to write about it because I'm not yet ready to explain it to the world (even though my neverending urge to write and be public about everything is fighting me) ... the choices, the possibilities, the reasons. Can a girl just do something new and not have to explain herself to everyone and their brother? Not here. Not in the CNK (the airport designation for my town if we were to get an airport ... haha). Not in this house for sure. The power of judgement and influence is strong, especially subconsciously, and although not an excuse really, is something I am desperately working to get over.

After 2 years of composting at this house, and after much complaining about the entire process, my little brother suggested today that we get a tumbler. Surprise! He is the last person on the planet I thought would advocate for composting in general, let alone in cooler manners than the giant pile method we use right now. Perhaps the green revolution is getting to him as well ... hooray!

2 different rewards programs I really liked are either going away completely or changing so radically that they're much less fun than before. Walgreens has announced the end of the EasySaver Rebate program, and since we don't have a CVS nearby, here's hoping either the Register Rewards deals they come up with are amazing (though will be a lot of money out of pocket) or that I can get a grip on the Rite Aid Single Check Rebate program instead. Goodbye free and easy Walgreens fun. (sad face!) Speedway, in turn, is changing their Speedy Rewards program to increase the number of points required for gift card redemption as well as changing the kinds of things you can get giftcards for. Boooooo. Knowing this in advance, my whole family cashed in our 50,000+ collective points last night before the new system rolled out this morning. Hello Speedway cash, hello free money, goodbye program I liked a whooooole lot.

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