22 April 2009

GDA: Kmart Super Doubles!

As I've mentioned before, Kmart and I are not really friends. We have a long history of them annoying me, and in turn I avoid their stores like the plague. I have my weaknesses, though, and Super Doubles are definitely included.

Kmart stores are offering Super Doubles this week (until 4/25), meaning coupons up to and including $2 are doubled at checkout. $1/1 turns into $2/1, $2/1 turns into $4/1 and that spells freebies all around. You can check their website for the ad local to your area to see if they're participating this time around. Apparently the entire chain can't do this at once for some reason, so make sure you look for the red Super Doubles detail box on the front page of the ad after you find it. Limits are 25 coupons per customer per day and only 4 of the same one. There are other details and fine print you can (should? eh) read on the ad.

You can also head over to HotCouponWorld's Kmart forum and read through their pricebook to see what you may be able to score for free this week based on what coupons you have. I'm not that planner-y (yea, I make up words as I go ... it's fun) about shopping doubles. I just kind of go wander the aisles with my coupon binder and try to find the best deals. I'm hoping to carve out some time tomorrow for that endeavor since Be doesn't have physical therapy and I don't have another final (until Thursday ... for which I have to write a paper ... ah well ... it's Super Doubles!!). I will let you know if I score any amazing deals.

My suggestion: pay close attention to the food and health/beauty aisles. Food is often priced just about right for a $1/1 double to make things cheap and a $2/1 double to make them free. HBA is often in that threshold as well. Beware the Kmart prices, though, the ones around here are dramatically higher than other retail stores. How this can possibly be, as they're not spending any of that money on upkeep or staff training, I have no idea.

If you find something rad, leave us a comment so we can offer congrats and run over to the local store and get in on the deal. If you're shopping in my area, try to leave me something good, ok? I'm behind the ball this week. Most of all, good luck and good deal finding!



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