24 April 2009

GDA: Restaurants.com 60% Off + Promo!

Is this a rerun? Haha.

No! Though I swear they should start paying me (they surely don't) for my adoration of them and the PR that comes from it. Ahaha, I wish.

Anyway, if you missed out on the 70% off promo from my Frugal Friday post last week, you still have another chance. I just (think 2 minutes ago ... ) got an email from Restaurants.com with a new promo offer and I had to run over here and tell you about it. All $25 certificates are 60% off through Sunday the 26th, making them $4 each! And, if you hustle over there and get in on the deal, they'll throw in a $15 Dale and Thomas Popcorn promo card with every order. Couple it with a click through from Mr. Rebates and you'll get 80c back in cash on every certificate you order.

It would look something like ...

$4 ... $25 certificate
$4 ... $25 certificate (because you're feeling feisty and wanted 2)
-$1.60 cash back from Mr. Rebates
$6.40 for $50 in restaurant certificates AND a $15 popcorn company promo card.

What's not to love? Head over if you're interested and use the promo code BONUS at checkout.



PS! I just found out the 70% promo may also still be running. I don't know the math or logistics on how of if anything would work together, but you can for sure choose whichever is the better deal for you. Enjoy!

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