28 April 2009

Gratituesday: Instant Gratitude

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I'm grateful (for) ...

... 3 days' worth of rain have greened up the grass and given life to a gorgeous patch of yellow tulips. I love spring.
... a call from the other side of the world, to say hello.
... Shane Clairborne and the Irresistible Revolution.
... a beautiful friend, full of love, who was keen eyed and kind enough to gift me a copy of the above.
... the crunchy edges of apple fritters.
... everyday acts of rebellion.
... a week off school, and the time that allows for me to catch up my office, the house, and my reading list.
... Azure blue skies, white puffy clouds.
... a great Saturday in a warm and exceptionally cozy space crammed full of good friends, great music, and an energy not easily replaced by other experiences.
... that all the hard days are gone ...

Most simply,


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