24 April 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday: Vol 2

Has it really been a week already? Wow!

I took THREE final exams on Thursday. THREE! That should not be allowed under international human rights laws. The good news: they're done. The bad news: I have no idea how I did. In celebration of the end of the semester, a lovely taste of summer by the good people at Bell's Brewery and a hilarious picture. I call it "The Triumph of Good over Evil".

I've had the same bank deposit sitting on my desk, ready to be dropped off, since the 16th. Yiiiikes. I should probably do that now that my brain is not limited to reading theory, thinking about theory, and trying to write 17 pages worth of nonsense about theory. It's only an $18.76 deposit, but it's something!

Speaking of money, I have an entire basement full of empty pop cans to return for the 10c (each! seriously! move to Michigan!) deposit. We're taking bets on how much cash that will turn into. The lowest one is $90! Huzzah that's a lot of empty cans! Now, to stop dreading the 48 trips to the return machines from the parking lot ...

I'm going to Kmart today. They're having Super Doubles. I think I may be more excited about that than about finishing my exams. This may make me an official frugal crazy person. Or, it may make me skip to my car with a cart full of free goodness. Only time will tell ...

My office is a disaster again. I think this happens everytime I have a ton of homework. Things just get ... left places. The collection of empty Diet Coke cans tells me there was late night paper writing going on in here recently, and the 2 inch stack of uncut coupon inserts makes me cringe. I do not like "Disaster Office" at all. Perhaps I will do something about that. Or, perhaps I will ignore it until after the weekend since I don't have to be in class on Monday!! (Can you tell I'm stoked about that? I mean, really, how many quick takes in one post need to be about school?)

I kind of want to cut my hair off again. Be thinks I should. I wanted to grow it out until I could pigtail braid it (think Pochahontas, not preschool), but it's getting heavy to have up constantly and there isn't much else I can do with it. My heart hurts a little at the thought of starting over, but really I just look like an uptight English School Teacher right now with my flipped up quasi-bun. Perhaps something short and cute? Spikey? Springy? Why does warm weather always make me want to cut my hair off?

I really wanted to eat cookies for breakfast. Since no one else was up to catch me doing it, the temptation was intense. I overcame, however, and will now promptly have cookies for lunch! Yahoo!

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