14 April 2009

Gratituesday: Just Add Water & Stir

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I am kind of a control freak. I don't really care about controlling your life, but I am nearly hyperventilate level (ok, not that bad) controlling of mine. I plan. I schedule. I make lists and charts and color codes. I like to have an idea of what's going on now, tomorrow, next week, and probably November. I want to see all the pieces in place before they even begin to come together. I want. I want. I want.

I used to think that made me one of those 'on top of her game' kind of people. Self-starter, multi-tasker, uber-organized ... all labels I enjoyed (except that I'm more a self-get 'er done at the last minute than a self-starter). Every part of my life was about having a plan, knowing the 47 million possible consequences and scenarios for every action (or inaction), and a lot of worrying about all of it tumbling apart 'house of cards in Oklahoma' style.

This would be a sweet Gratituesday if I was grateful for a full recovery from my control freak affliction.

It's not.

I'm not.

Well, because I haven't (recovered, that is).

The thing I'm learning, though, is that most times ... even if I get stressed about imperfections ... even if the plan gets tossed out the window ... even if I don't trust the process ... things pretty much wind up alright. Life really can be an unplanned hodge podge that you just add water to and stir. I'm finally learning to be patient, to relax, to calm down, and to just let it go. I'm learning that what I want isn't always what should be. I'm learning the trust The Plan rather than my petty attempts at planning. For that continuing lesson, for the one patient enough to teach me everyday, and for the understanding that it's ok if I don't get it the first time (or possibly, the 100th), I am grateful.

Always simply grateful,


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  1. I had an experience this weekend where MY plan did not go as expected but God's did and it worked out just great.

  2. Giving up control is so very hard. Kudos to you for working on it. Your post was a great reminder and encouragement to me today.