03 October 2008

Super Doubles!

Now, I am not one to rah rah advocate for hitting up the local KMart. We are not friends, KMart and I. We had a bit of a spat a little over a year ago, and the resolution to that was me not going there anymore to preserve my sanity at their random policy changes.


From 10/1 to 10/5, KMart stores nationally are offering SUPER DOUBLES. That means that any and all coupons up to and including $2 will be doubled (meaning $2 now equals $4!). There's a limit of 4 like and 75 total per day per customer. This could mean some really rocking deals, and they ran this promo probably a month ago at a very limited number of stores. This time, they are including a much larger service area. You can check out whether your local store is included by looking online. Go check out MoneySavingMom for a link to a list of participating stores (I linked it before, but the link was dead here. Boo.) Mine is not. Again. Boooo for that, but yours might be! Check it out and go find some great deals. There are bound to be a number of freebies or nearly freebies to be had with super doubles. Check with your local stores for any other restrictions, like whether or not they take and double printables or not.





  1. The link is dead :( Did you check near my place?

  2. There are a bunch by you that are participating, but it's only through the 5th. The logistics of that are a bit of a nightmare.