03 October 2008

Warning: Frost Ahead!

The National Weather Service where we live has issued a frost advisory for tonight, meaning the possibility of the evil frost monster, killer of all remaining garden plants is particularly high. I am not thrilled about this. I suppose it's the natural order of things, and kind of required to keep the climate working, but I probably have 5 pounds of tomatoes still green on the vine, green beans still blossoming, bell peppers with blossoms, summer squash with blossoms, and a baby watermelon that could really use some more time. Ugh. Sad day.

So, what's a frugal fanatic to do? Ah yes, frantically dig up all the plants she thinks she can make grow in the house (the bell peppers, specifically) and re-pot them in containers tonight before it gets cold enough to kill. I hate this part. I have no idea how the garden's timing is always so off around here, how everyone else has pumpkins and I only have blossoms, how my tomatoes will not turn red to save my life. One could suppose that I plant things too late, but really, we planted in May and had to make a circus tent of sheets and clothespins and lawn chairs more than once because it threatened to frost again after we thought we were clear to plant.

Darn you, winter, won't you hold off just a little? I still a garden to harvest, apples to put up, herbs to dry. Why must you be so impatient, winter? Don't you think 5 months of you are good enough? Do you really need 6?



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