23 April 2008

Score: Crazy Coupon Lady, 1 ... Walgreens, 0

I was out and about today running errands, and in an effort to conserve gas decided to make a stop at Walgreens since it was on the way home. I knew I had more rebates to finish up for the month, and with the BOGO coupon for Palmolive in the ad, why not today?

1st Transaction ...
4 Aveeno lotions ... $2.39 on sale
1 17ct Wrigley's (because my coupon count was off ... I don't know how, still, but apparently it was)
Total with tax = $11.40
- $1.50/2 Aveeno coupons = $8.40
- $3 Register Reward from Crest deal = $5.40

I actually paid $5.32 and I still can't figure out how. They're math is a little wacky, but it's in my favor. I also got a $10 register reward at the end of the transaction from the Aveeno.

2nd Transaction ...
12 Palmolive dish soap ... $23.88
2 packages of Revlon emery boards ... $3.18
2 bottles of Revlon nail polish ... $10.48
1 One Touch Ultra glucometer ... $68.99 ... $19.99
Total with Tax = $59.96
- $12.45 for the BOGO Walgreens coupon = 47.51
- 25c Palmolive coupon (this deal would have been WAY better had I had 12 of them!) = $47.26
- $1/1 Revlon Beauty Implements coupon = $45.26
- $4.49 Revlon Nail Color BOGO Sale = $40.77
- $19.99 One Touch glucometer coupon = $20.78
- $10 Register Reward from Aveeno deal previous (not today) = $10.78

Again, wacky register, I only really paid $10.69.

When I was wandering around, looking for a One Touch Mini to use my last $20 coupon (they're usually $19.99 regular), I stumbled upon one that was marked $89. I was highly confused, so I glanced next to it, since the Ultra is usually $89, not the Mini, and voila! There was the Ultra with a shiny blue Walgreens price tag reading $19.99. When I checked out, the monitor rang up $68.99 on sale. I pointed out politely that the item was marked lower. The cashier nearly had a stroke and called a manager insisting that she couldn't sell it to me for that price. The laws of this state, and their Fair Pricing statues would disagree, and so did her manager. Then, she rings in everything else and I hand her my coupons. The $20 One Touch was on the top. She insisted she couldn't possibly take that either, as I'd be getting it for FREE! *gasp* If she only knew how many free glucometers I've already gotten at Walgreens this month alone ... la ti da. I send them to the free clinic, fyi, I don't keep them to admire or anything. The manager came back, and without batting an eye took the coupon. Yay! I like good managers.

For the trip ...

Original Merchandise Totals ... $120.36
Total Out of Pocket ... $16.01
Total Rebates/Rewards ... $25.99

That's a $9.98 PROFIT when it's all said and done.

Total Savings ... $130.34.

Do you think they get anxious when I skip like a school girl out of the store?



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