20 April 2008

Set Up Sunday

I should have posted this recap on Friday, but I was busy driving across the state and wandering around IKEA. Oopsies.

Monday was goulash (and finish my taxes day, boo). $2 for 2lbs of close to expiry burger that I froze when I got home, 39c for elbow noodles, 39c for a can of diced tomatoes = Heaven ... and $2.78. I didn't make a veggie or the garlic bread. I was busy trying not to owe my life to the IRS.

Tuesday was meatloaf with mashed potatoes, cream corn, mixed veggies, cucumbers, and brownies for dessert. I was making up for lost vegetable time, it would seem. Oh, and there was garlic toast ... which I overcooked by not paying enough attention to it. $2 for 2lbs of more close to expiry burger, 30c for onion, 1.27 for bacon (on top of the meatloaf), 24c for 2 organic eggs, 5c for breadcrumbs, $1.00 for mashed potato flakes because I was too lazy to boil potatoes, 78c for cream corn, $0 for mixed veggies since they were fridge leftovers that I already counted earlier, $1 for the cucumber, and 50c for the brownie mix and it's ingredients. I had MSF chikin patties instead. $8.59 total, and the meatloaf made for a couple lunches as well.

Wednesday was stir fry, and we ended up feeding 10 instead of the 6 I was planning on. Veggies ran me $12, stupid out of season craziness. I don't ever really buy out of season produce, so these "World Cuisine" nights are kicking my butt. Chicken was $2 (from the freezer) and the ground pork we used was $1.59 a lb orange tagged. We also had crab rangoons (well, they did, not me), but I didn't pay for that part of the meal. Rice was probably about $1 and tortillas 50c. Grand total of $17.09 ... better than last time we had World Cuisine Night for sure.

Thursday ... I do not recall making dinner. Uh oh.

Friday we did not have Fry Day, thank heavens. It wasn't my idea, and I wasn't necessarily looking forward to the mess or the cholesterol. I was out of town on Friday, so there were leftovers for dinner if you weren't lucky enough to be with me at IKEA eating Swedish food. YuM!

Saturday was also leftovers ... must have been ... I don't recall cooking then either.

Sunday ... we've not so much eaten yet. I think Be ate the last of the meatloaf earlier, though. I'm contemplating some fake chikin and some mac and cheese. Total cost, $1.39.

Total for the week, for dinner, for my family of five ... thank you leftovers ... $29.85

Now, the week at hand ...

Dinner w/friends on Monday
PT on Tuesday and Thursday
Grocery/Walgreens trip sometime, probably during PT (to conserve gas)

Monday: No Plans.

Be and I are having dinner at another couple's house. We'll probably spring for a bottle of Shiraz ... but no other food planned. I'd usually make a dessert, but I know they're having cake.

Tuesday: Fried baby ravioli, some kind of magical amazing pasta that I haven't decided on yet, some other awesome sides. I don't know yet, really.

Taste of Tuscany Tuesday! Ok, it probably won't be Tuscan at all, but it's Italian Night for sure. A friend of ours has been coming over weekly and we've been having a different ethnic or regional cuisine each time. I'd call it World Cuisine Wednesday again, but we can't have it on Wednesday night this week. I enjoy alliteration, what more can I say?

Wednesday: Ham Steaks, Au Gratin Potatoes, Veggies.

I promised the boys I'd make this last week and I didn't. I will remedy this on Wednesday for sure.

Thursday: Black bean chili, super corn bread puffs.

Have you seen the Pancake Puff thing from the infomercials? Yea. I have one. It was a gift, and I must say, one of the coolest things I've ever used. It rocks. It's so worth the $20. Go get one. R.i.g.h.t. N.o.w.

Friday: Chicken fajitas or tacos or something involving chickens and tortillas, depending on what I have left by the end of the week.

Saturday: Leftovers? Frozen pizza? Take Out? Probably not the third, but I'm not cooking anything. Period.

Sunday: Marinaded pork chops, mashed potatoes, veggies, layer cake.

I love cake. <3




  1. I've been wondering about those pancake puff things...they seem pretty cool. Its an old idea that they have modernized, I think. Not 100% sure on that.

    Good to know they're worth it.

  2. I have no idea on the history, but I am now well acquainted with their delicious possibilities. Regular pancakes, of course, are delish anyway, but last weekend the carnivores added little sausages to them while cooking so they wound up in the middle ... like a pancake corn dog of some sort.

    You also don't have to just use pancake batter ... corn bread, cake, brownies, you name it, it works.

    I *heart* my pancake puffs.