25 April 2008


I collect envelopes. When the bills come, if I pay them online, I keep the envelope to use for something else later. If the junk mail has an envelope, I keep it. If the statements have envelopes, in the pile to reuse they go. I love my crazy free envelopes.

Just now, a tragedy struck. The magical envelope pile lives directly to the left of my computer monitor to make bill paying a cinch. Moments ago, I tipped over all of two swallows of Diet Pepsi and it rolled into the magical envelope pile. *gasp!*

Any normal person would simply pitch the ones with newly wet edges. Even a pretty frugal person could probably be ok with tossing them into the recycling since they were free to start with. I, am apparently not normal, and I didn't know to what degree exactly until I found myself laying out the envelopes with the wet edges on my office table so that they could dry and be used anyway.

I am such a nut job.



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