25 April 2008

Frugal Friday: Not So Frugal Edition

Most times, I make a menu on Sunday and we follow it, basically, throughout the week. Sometimes, however, my family revolts and decides they're not going to eat anything on any darn menu. Blah. This was one of those weeks. Ugh. I was none too thrilled, but alas, on with the recap ...

Monday we had dinner with friends. It was delish and it didn't cost me anything but the bottle of wine from my gift stash. Yay! $0

Tuesday was World Cuisine Wednesday (except a day early). We had cavatappi with a red meatball and bell pepper sauce or an alfredo, roasted red pepper, and mushroom sauce. There was homemade vienna garlic bread, fried raviolis with ricotta or ricotta and mushrooms, and chocolate molten lava cake with espresso ice cream. What's better? The co-founder of World Cuisine Wednesday sprung for the goods to make everything. Thank you, thank you. $0

Wednesday I got home late in the afternoon and we decided to scrub down the walls of our enclosed porch a la spring cleaning craziness. It did afford me the chance to use up to remnant bottles of cleaners diluted in water, though. Yay for that. Scrubbing exterior walls in an interior porch can be a little on the exhausting side at 5 in the afternoon when the setting sun is beating into the windows. Once we were done, there was no convincing anyone that I needed to defrost food and then start the OVEN. Eeeek. Nope. We went to Subway. Lucky for us, they're having a $5 Foot Long promo. That's $26.50 for all of us with the tax.

Thursday also did not go well. Someone, named Em, forgot to start chili in the morning. This does not generally pose a problem. I use smoked paprika and chili powder and cumin and good smelling things that make it seem like it cooked all day regardless. I have to pull this feat of deception off, however, when no one is looking as my entire family seems convinced that chili must cook for 8 hours or it is inedible. An amazing stand to take since they eat my 10 minute chili all the time, but alas. I did not succeed in the bait and switch, so I let them persuade me to run to town for take out. The good news, is everyone paid for their own out of personal money, not the grocery budget, so my cost is still $0. Muahahaha.

Tonight, Friday, we're having leftovers. Well, I am. There is a ton of pasta/sauce/goodness leftover and I am partaking of it. If no one else wants to, they can starve. That's what I've decided. That makes tonight's dinner cost also $0.

That brings my total for the week to $26.50. Ha! It feels entirely weird to me that I feel like we blew the menu all week, and somehow the budget still came out all right. Good timing, I guess, and of course the generosity of friends.



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