13 April 2008


Ah, the glorious first post in a new blog. Yay! I've long been pondering both the feasibility of a new blog based on frugality and my desire to make it happen. The 'ayes' seem to have it, and here we are.

I come to frugality as a mindset. I very much believe that we are all entrusted to be the best possible stewards of our resources, be they natural, man made, or financial. To that end, I try to consume less and recycle or reuse more. I've been on this journey for quite some time, and luckily many of my regular endeavors have become habits that don't require enough thought to make me rationalize not doing them. There is much improvement to me made, however. We use cloth grocery totes (when I don't forget them in the car). We recycle every possible item we can (when someone doesn't get lazy and pitch a cardboard container when I'm not looking). We use coupons and rebates to save as much on groceries as is possible (when I don't get lazy while shopping and buy frozen pizza for that night's dinner). It's an ongoing growing process, but I'm getting there.

I hope you decide to hang around and keep reading, if you've happened by. I'll try to keep it interesting.



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