23 April 2008

And then I went to Target ...

Target is just down the road from Walgreens, so I swung in with hopes of clearing out the O Cell-O clearance sponges with my target coupons. No such luck. Boo. This Target is not my favorite one, by far, and has a much more limited selection, but it was nearby.

11 pkgs Market Pantry beef cold cuts on clearance at 36c = $3.96 (I meant to only get 10, fyi, but apparently cannot count)
1 Crest ProHealth+ bonus Glide Floss on clearance = $1.68
3 Johnson&Johnson Buddy Bars = $2.92
1 pkg of Market Pantry sugar wafer cookies that taught me to never call home while shopping lest someone decide they *need* sugar wafer cookies = $1.19
2 6lb bags GoodLife cat food on price cut = $13.20
1 20oz Diet Coke because it was hot and my from home beverage was el gone-o = $1.69 with deposit
Total = $24.64
- $1 Crest coupon = $23.64
- $1/1 J&J coupons that the cashier pushed through at full value = $20.64
- $2/1 Target Good Life coupons = $16.64
- $2/1 Good Life coupons from inside packages we already had = $12.64
- $10 in gift cards from last week's Target Pepsi Deal = $2.64

Total Savings ... $21

Perhaps I will check out the other Target when I'm on that side of town tomorrow. Perhaps, indeed. I like free O Cell-O sponges. I'm on the hunt for them now.



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