02 January 2009

Happy (Day After) New Year!

New Year's Eve is a big deal at my house, primarily (ok, entirely) because it was on a New Year's Eve that I fell for the adorable Be. 8 years and counting, and I think he's a keeper so far. I had (semi-) intended on getting online yesterday to post some heroically eloquent goals/resolutions/summary/something post, but instead spent the day sleeping in and hanging out. It's a holiday, right? Holidays are for watching Iron Chef marathons and forgetting to cook dinner ... or at least mine was. Because of this (semi-) unintended hiatus, I don't exactly feel like it's the New Year yet ... like the new year's beginning has been put on hold because I didn't get my act together in time. Thank you world, for holding out in 2008 while I figure things out. I appreciate it, haha.

This would be a perfect segway into that blasted goals/resolutions/summary/something post, wouldn't it? Yes indeed, except ... I didn't write it yet. I have notes scribbled on an envelope, but rather than posting more, I have to take that envelope to the office of the district court and attempt to convince them the citation they gave me was bogus (long story ... ugh). Who schedules hearings on the 2nd day of the year, a Friday no less? My spidey sense tells me these will not be happy people that I'm going to see, not happy at all.

So, there's more coming, I promise. First, I have to go fight the man.



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