30 December 2008

Welcome to (the new!) Grati-Tuesday!



I wish I could take credit for it, but Gratituesday is hosted by Laura at Heavenly Homemakers. I stumbled upon her brilliance via a Tell All Tuesday link from The Happy Housewife which was in a Mr. Linky on a post at The Lazy Organizer. Whew! Quite the rabbit hole, eh? As a blogger that loveloveLOVES the concept of living with gratitude, I feel like I have come out from under a rock in the discovery of Laura's Gratituesday.

(SIDE BAR: I finally got my in text links to work rather than trying to just post the pure (and aesthetically unpleasing) link ... I hope. Blogger and I are not always friends, so keep your fingers crossed that it keeps working.)

Soooooo, let me be the first (obviously) to welcome you to the new Tuesday feature here at GSF. I was going to hold the new features until after the new year, but I got so blasted excited about this concept that I had to run over and post about it right.this.second. I've never so much been a plan ahead blogger, so why start now? It's 2am! What better time to be grateful?!

Gratituesday: Great in 2008!
I would be remiss if I tried to tell you all about how amazing 2008 was. It was not our best year, by far, which makes it difficult to be grateful for on face. We spent a fair amount of time trying to tame the chaos, and less time than I'd like laughing about it. 2008 was good to us in one most specific and crucial way, though. It has served to teach us a handful of life lessons, 8 of them in fact. For that, I am grateful.

January and February taught me patience.

March was spent reinforcing the real meaning of loyalty.

April and May were all about humility.

June taught me to value integrity and character.

July and August reinforced the need for persistence in doing good works, persistence in doing the right thing, and persistence in making right the things we do not always do right the first time around.

September and October were largely an examination of privilege ... mine, yours, ours, and otherwise.

November helped me see the importance of compromise, most especially in long term partnerships.

December has been entirely about being flexible. Life changes, whether we prefer it to or not, and being inflexible leads to heartbreak and disappointment in those circumstances that you can't change. Hand it over, and let those with higher pay grades take care of it.

Until next year, I am ...




  1. Love how you broke you months down. That was really neat. Gives me something to think about for next year.

  2. Ooh, I love how instead of being thankful for "things" each month, you're thankful for VALUES taught to you by God. What a great post! SO glad you joined Gratituesday!

  3. Thanks, ladies. I'm so so so so glad to have found you. :)