27 December 2008

Instant Gratitude ... just add water.

I am not a fan of snow, never have been and likely never will be. It's cold and slickery. It keeps me bound up in the house for months at a time, it drives away the sunshine, and it makes me keep all the windows shut (thus preventing fresh breezes ... one of my favorite things). Never, really, are you likely to hear me say that I'm grateful for snow (no, not even for a white xmas ... bah humbug).

Today, is different.

After 7+ hours spent in the basement mopping up bucket upon bucket of water as the 50 degree temperatures melted the 4 foot drifts of snow in front of our house, I am on the brink of a change of heart. Our basement (where I keep my shelves and shelves of stockpiles by the way), has been attacked by the puddling and pooling liquid horror that is an unseasonal (and massive) snow melt. We have a tiny pump sunken in a hole under the floor that attempts to prevent the water from spilling out into the main room, but it's not so much doing the trick today with 2 months worth of snow melting like magic in a matter of hours.

Today, I would be very grateful if it were to snow ... or freeze ... subarctic style freezing, please. I am grateful for a (mostly) willing family of moppers, and for the water problem being in the basement rather than say ... falling from the ceiling.

I sure wish it would snow, though ...



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