27 January 2009


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The hardest part about striving to live gratefully is writing about it on days when you don't really want to be grateful for anything. Normally, if I happen upon one of those days, I can just continue on and no one is the wiser. I am not accountable for my lack of grateful behavior on a Wednesday or a Saturday, but when those 'not feeling so great ... ful' days happen on Tuesdays now, I find an even greater challenge. Today is for sure one of those Tuesdays.

However, even so, I can still be grateful for love today. I haven't felt well for the last few days, the gory details of which I will spare you. This means that I don't want to cook things or clean up things or get out of my bed (although I've had to go to work and school both ... boooooo). Last night, after coming home from work exhausted and icky feeling, I casually asked Be what he was making for dinner (in hopes that he'd say something amazing like, "Oh, psh, don't worry, I'll whip up a 4 course gourmet meal AND clean the kitchen while you rest" ... ok, not really). Be is not an "I cook dinner every night" kind of guy. He can cook. He just doesn't usually want to. Last night, though, without blinking, even on the brink of exhaustion after an all nighter, he almost immediately started dinner while I collapsed on the couch in front of Jeopardy.

I know he didn't feel like it. I know he could have just as easily said, "Screw it, I'll go get take out". I know that he was just as tired as I was. None of that stopped him. None of it stops him on an average day. For all his funny face making, I know he would do anything for me. Today, (and everyday) I am most grateful for that. I love you, doll.



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