05 January 2009

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

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Menu planning is my friend, when I remember to do it. It makes it at least plausible that my family will cook something while I'm not home on the nights I'm in class. Without a menu the chances of my having to eat peanut butter and jelly when I get home at 10pm are nearly 100%. Also, menus keep us from squabbling about what to make at 730pm when someone wants this and someone else wants that. We are back on the menu plan wagon, hopefully to stay.

Venison Chili

Pork Chops, Au Gratin Potatoes, Green Beans

Beef Goulash

Turkey Fried Rice and Veggies

Meatball Subs


Whole Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Veggies, and Biscuits

Are you planning your menus in the new year? It's a great way to use up what you have on hand. Just take a stroll through your pantry and freezer, put some pieces together, and create some homemade goodness. If you're missing an ingredient, try a substitution. It could be your new favorite twist ... that's how we figured out that we like ground turkey so darn much.




  1. Mmmmm venison chili
    No one in the family got a deer this year & I'm so bummed that I have no venison in the freezer! Enjoy your's!

  2. Hi, I just bought 20 pounds of pork loin I had cut into chops, I wondered how you were going to prepare yours since I only have a handful of recipes.

  3. @ Just Another SAHM ... Nobody in my family got one either. One of us happened to be driving behind a lady who schmucked one with her car and in absolute freak out mode wanted nothing to do with it. And so, because I live in the country where road kill is cool if you watched it get that way, we brought it home. Yay!

    @ Victoria ... Most times I just dash them with a little salt and pepper, perhaps a little Emeril's essence and throw them in the oven. If I'm feeling more ambitious, I use my favorite marinade (ever!) of 2 parts italian salad dressing (the oil kind, not a creamy one) to 1 part soy sauce. It's soooooooo good.