06 January 2009


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Things do not always go as planned. This is entirely disheartening for a listmaking plan-a-holic like myself, and often triggers a matchstick cranky response. Once I'm cranky, it isn't long before nothing can go right in the world ... ever. When I started thinking about what I would write for today, my plan was to talk about communicating and how even when things don't go well I can still always talk to Be about it. We don't always agree or come to any conclusion, but no matter how crabby or irritated either of us gets, we can always still have a conversation.

Then it kind of hit me that although I am entirely grateful for Be, this wasn't at all about him. What I'm really most grateful for today is being able to 'giveaway' my frustrations to something bigger and grander than myself. Things not going well makes me cranky, true, but in an instant I can put it in someone else's hands and free myself of that negativity. For that, for having that someone who is always listening, and always willing to shoulder my burden, I am forever grateful.

On Gratituesday and everday, I am ...



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  1. Thank you for this reminder that we CAN give away our frustrations to someone who can handle it so much better than we can! Such a comfort!