14 January 2009

GDA: Target!

We made a stop at Target tonight to rove the perimeter (read: check for clearance) on the way home from work. I don't usually check anything other than food and hba/cleaning clearance, but someone wanted to look at DVDs, so we happened past the men's clothing section on the way to that end of the store. Oh. My. Goodness. That place is out of control clearance-wise ... 30%, 50%, and a TON of 75% off winter-ish clothes, sleepware, and undergarments. Hanes sweatshirts, for example, were clearanced to $1.62! There were also 3 piece PJ sets for less than $4, henleys and really nice sweaters for less than $3, and hooded sweatshirts for $2.74 as well. It was like clothing clearance heaven, and if you find yourself in need of cold weather clothes in the arctic tundra that we're trying to live through ... or if you're in the market for el cheap-o holiday gifts for next year (which is my favorite!!), then I suggest you head over to your local Target and take a look.

When it comes to holiday shopping, my absolute favorite thing is to find items on super clearance in the off (read: non-holiday) season. When I get home, I put them in a Rubbermaid (not really, it's generic, but whatever) tote in the back of my closet so I don't lose them somewhere or forget that I bought them. In December, I just start pulling things out of the bin so I know who else/what else I need to shop for. It's much more fun than paying full price or trying to beat awfully tempermented crowds, I think.

Also, found on clearance were ...

Kellogg's Shredded Mini-Wheats Vanilla for $1.48
Smart Start and a host of other cereals (Fiber One, Oatmeal Crisp, etc) for $1.47
Keebler Toasted Wheat Crackers for 63c
Herbal Essences shampoos for $1.63
Head and Shoulder's shampoos and conditioners for $2.12
Sunsilk shampoos and hairsprays, including the ones with the freebie full size style product attached for $1.67
Gillette Men's shampoos for $2.14
Tide with the sample Downy attached for $6.48
Burt's Bees gift sets from $11-$18
Hair Color ... I don't remember what kinds or prices, but there was a lot of it
Sterlite Lidded Bowls and Pitchers for $3.48
Yogurt, both Archer Farms and Yoplait, were also red tagged

If you have coupons for any of those things, (and you should) the deals are even sweeter. The Mini-Wheats, for example were 48c/box after my $1/1 coupons (exp 1/25). The Keebler crackers were 26c for two.


There were sweet $1/1 Ziplock container Target coupon peelies at my store. The containers are price dropped right now to $2.33/each. Paired with insert coupons (which, I don't recall, but it was super recent), they end up being 78c for each set. There are also stickers attached under the peelies, which are huge and obvious on the shelf, so make sure to check for them if you're in need of Ziplock containers (who isn't?).

Ah, what a gloriosu time I had at Target. I love thier clearance when it's chuck full of stuff I have coupons for. Hooray for nearly free goodies! Stay tuned for later this week, as I'll be headed to Meijer's rockin' 10/10 (11th free!) sale sometime this week with a wee fistful of coupons.



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