13 January 2009


For more of this week's Gratituesday, check here.

PS, I just deleted my entire Tuesday entry because I thought it was too story-teller and not enough grateful steward. Haha. Instead, my gratitude this week will be encapsulated in bullet points.

. It's sunny outside ... freezing artic cold, but sunny, which makes everything more enjoyable.
. The huge-o deposit I've been waiting for dropped into my account this morning. Yay!
. My family is healthy ... basically, and a riot to hang out with.
. I may be making progress on the ditch the cable front.
. We haven't screwed up the menu yet ... ok, so one day at a time, people.
. There is a basement pantry full of good things to eat in case we go broke, end up job less, or it's simply too cold to imagine going outside until spring.
. The dryer is fixed.
. My adorable Be digs carpooling with me, allowing us to hang out for a few minutes alone and saving both money and fuel emissions.
. The kids I work with are growing into amazing (almost) adults. They rock.
. I got to play another week's role in this amazing mystery, for which I will always be newly grateful.




  1. What a great list to be grateful for today! AND of course... One day at a time will get us there just the same!

  2. Thank you! I try to write actual posts about gratitude, but sometimes a huge list of reasons why I love life is more fun.