01 May 2008

Top 'o the Month!

It's our first Top 'o the Month on this blog. Yay! Basically, I like to keep an ongoing progress report on the first of each month to see how far we got toward our goals (primarily: debt pay off) in the preceeding 30ish days. It's not always a giant improvement from month to month, but we're on this mission for the long haul. We'll get there eventually.

Is under $1000. Boo. I had to cover a gap student loan payment, plus it was already down from waiting on stupid reimbursement checks from Be's company. They should be here by the 5th, lest they start paying penalties on the amount owed, and that should bump us back up to where it's supposed to be.

Dream Savings:
Per the ticker today, is at $124.63. I cannot tell you what it's for yet. It's a secret.

Jeep ... 9 payments and the misc. amount to clear the loan to go. We won't get to this on the snowball before it's paid off regularly anyway. Ah well.

GP ... $6158.50. This actually includes 5 cards, one of which is under $40. Yay!

C1 ... $465.29.

AV ... $800 and change. I don't have the exact amount because we just cleared our special financing account with them (It was at $$1900 last month. Ick!), but we're getting there.

VSA ... $82.xx. This should be gone already, but someone keeps forgetting to pay it. Oops.

Fix the VSA account, which should be paid off already.
Keep rolling the snowball, adding in as much as possible through snowflakes and the like.
Pay everyone on time.

More next month!



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