05 May 2008

FF and Set Up delayed ... again.

Friday was a crazy busy day here, and I didn't even turn on my computer but to see the radar for the storms we were expecting. It was nutso.

Soooo, first, the recap.

Monday we had shepard's pie as planned. I made a huge pan of it so it would carry over a few days. Three pounds of ground beef was $3 from my freezer stash of clearance meats. Assorted veggies were either from remnants left in the fridge (celery, carrots, onions), or from cans (tomatoes, kernel corn) for a grand total of $2.30. The mashed potatoes were probably 50c or so since I had to use such an enormous quantity to top the entire pan. All that for $5.80. Yay!

Tuesday was leftover shepard's pie because I was a bit on the lazy side as far as putting the chicken in the crock pot. Oops. Oh well, total cost? $0

Wednesday was chili as ordered. I started it in the morning before I left for work, and it simmered all day. Oh how I adore the crockpot for chili making. The house smelled great even before I left for work. Mmmmmm. The ground beef was $2 (the rest of my freezer tube from Monday). The black beans, tomatoes (diced and crushed), and whole kernel corn were $2.47. We didn't have cornbread. Total, $4.47, which also served another couple lunches and leftovers.

Thursday was supposed to be all leftovers. The shepard's pie was gone by Thursday, and we were down to a single bowl of chili, which Be wanted. So, begrudgingly (ha!) I swung by the chinese take out and got myself veggie lo mein. Twist my arm, right? I also got Be some crab rangoons, which I think are inherently disgusting. Total, $13.18.

Friday was grill night. We hit the meat counter in the afternoon and nothing looked good, so I had the meat cutter lady cut down a bigger hunk into 1inch steaks. They wound up running me $26 ... which is not the best, but a pretty darn good deal for 7 giant steaks. We also grilled up some sliced new potatoes with butter and garlic ... an entire 5lbs if you can believe it. What's better? That 5lb bag only cost me $1. There were also grilled red and green peppers, though more green ones than red by the time they were done because a certain someone kept stealing the red ones while raw. They were about $4 total. There was also garlic bread made on the grill, using Italian loaves we found on the day old rack for $1.34. Grand total, not including the new thing of propane we had to go get immediately after we put the steaks on, $32.34. Find a steak house with that kind of deal for 6 people! Ha.

Total for the week, $55.79. Pretty darn good, considering there was steak involved.

As for the menu, I have no idea. Nothing. I'm tired. I won't be home most nights this week. I may see if the boys can figure it out in favor of starving. The menu will be back next week for sure.



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