16 May 2008

Good Deal Alerts

If you're going to be out and about shopping tomorrow (like I am), check out the following ...

* FREE Gilette Body Wash at Walgreens. You buy the first one, then it prints cats for the freebies on and on into oblivion. They were not highly overstocked for this promo, though, so you may be out of luck this late in the week.

* CHEAP Country Time Lemonade at Meijer. They're Buy 1, Get 2 (B1G2) Free this week. That's a pretty solid deal in and of itself. Buy 6, get a catalina for $4 On Your Next Order (ONYO). That means, you actually pay for 2, get four of them free, and get paid $4 to do it.

* CHEAP Cattleman's BBQ Sauce at Meijer. They're on sale for $1, and there were 75c/1 coupons out not that long ago. If you're somewhere that doubles, use the 50c/1 and get it doubled to make it free. If you're not, like me, pay 25c. My family loves this stuff, and we're out. Perfect timing!

* CHEAP Coke 2 Liters at Meijer. Friday and Saturday, 88c Coke product 2 liters. With the deposit, they're cheaper than the regular Meijer "Sale" price here. Limit 4, of course. I'll be in and out of Meijer all day if you're looking for someone to hang out with.

There are other deals out there, I promise. That's just my top four for this week. I probably shouldn't have waited until Saturday to go shopping, but I hate the Meijer by work after dark. I'll be out and about, scoring deals all day Saturday. Care to join me?

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