22 May 2008

Good Deal Alerts.

At Target ...
Buy 2 Perfect 10 hair color kits. They're $10.99 each. Use the Buy One, Get One coupon from this month's Proctor and Gamble coupon insert. Then, get a $5 Target gift card for buying them. Yay!

At Meijer ...
There's a mid-week ad out good from 5/21 to 5/26 in addition to the regular ad, fyi.

* CHEAP Coke again. This time, 24 packs are 2 for $8.88 (or $9, as you may have read previously). There are $2/2 peelies on some of the cases. Keep your eyes peeled, because 2 24 packs for $6.88 is a steal.

* CHEAP ground beef from the meat counter. It's $1.69 per pound this week, and my good ole price book says that's almost as cheap as it's been in the last 3 or so years. If you're in need, now is the time. There will likely be similar sales throughout the summer, up to about $1.89 per pound. It may go down to $1.59, but no one can really be sure. Also, keep your eyes peeled late Saturday/Sunday for pre-packaged ground beef to be price dropped if they under sell what they expected to. They won't be orange tagged, just price dropped without other signage, so pay close attention to the price stickers on the packages for per pound pricing differences.

* CHEAP Chi Chi Salsa, especially if you have the recent coupons from this past week's inserts. The deal is even sweeter if your Meijer doubles. It's on sale for $1.

* CHEAP Pepsi 2 liters. It's pop sale time, folks. Pepsi 2 liters are 80 cents each. 8 cents cheaper than the Super Saturday Coke deal last week. Lipton 1 liter Green Tea is also included.

* CHEAP RC/7UP 12 packs. They're on sale 4 for $11, but you get a FREE one when you buy 4. This deal is also limit ONE per transaction, rather than customer, as is the case with the Coke deal. There have been rumors of peelies on the 12 packs for money off, so keep those eyes open. I know there are still $1/1 peelies for diet varieties for sure.

* CHEAP Hershey candy bars, especially if you have the 50c/1 gas station tear pad coupons. I think the candy bars are Buy 2, Get 3 Free (B2G3). They're normally 69(ish) cents each. That could be some super cheap candy when all is said and done. Who doesn't love cheap candy?!

* CHEAP Ballpark hot dogs. They're on sale Buy 1, Get 2 Free (B1G2). You pay for one and leave with three. What's bad about that? Plus, Meijer brand hot dog buns are 69c each. I forsee a lot of grilling in our future.

* CHEAP Snyder Tortilla Chips. They're on sale Buy 1, Get 1 (BOGO), but almost all of them have peelies on them for FREE salsa when you buy 2. Yay!

At Walgreens ...
Remember the May Easy Saver is ending soon, and it overlaps with June so you can use the coupons interchangably on those overlap days. There aren't awesome amazing rebates this month, so I'm not too excited. Check it out either way, so you don't miss out on something you're otherwise interested in.

And, a final note ... there will be NO coupons this weekend in the newspaper because of the holiday. If you have delivery, call and suspend it for a week to save the money. If you buy it from a box, don't.



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