13 May 2008

Instant Gratitude!

Thank you world, for ...

... gorgeous sunset tonight, wispy clouds with pink and orange highlights.
... quick and steady night at work, not too rushed nor too painfully snow.
... great leftover strawberry shortcake jello dessert from last night. Yum!
... reruns of Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC right now. I adore this show for some reason I am yet to comprehend.
... my adorable Be and his smiling face.
... cuddly kitty making me feel like the only human in the world that matters.
... apple tree blossoms and the promise of fresh produce soon.
... my worn in but not worn out birkenstocks.
... peanut m&ms from a machine for 25c, a perfect handful to satisfy the otherwise insatiable desire to eat nothing but peanut m&ms.
... my hilariously precious niece in her XL Hulk tshirt and baby pants, sleepy eyes, messy hair.




  1. "nor too painfully snow."

    Freudian slip??

  2. Nice catch, WesO.

    Now, to determine the actual meaning of the slip ... euphemism or climatic phenomenon?