01 February 2009

Top 'o the Month: Welcome to February!

January was an alright money month here at GSF. I actually both happened upon some extra cash for the budget AND managed to save up the rest of the required 'Dream Savings' for our secret surprise. Now we can put future snowflake sized savings toward the last part of the debt instead. Hooray!

Here are the numbers ...

EFund: $1000.
This may need to be ramped up soon. We are still doing the 'no consistent income thing' with Be, and I would be more comfortable with a more significant amount of savings in the event that we need to start paying bills with it.

Dream Savings: DONE!
We saved everything we needed to and the secret will be revealed in a very short 24 days. Yay!

Jeep: $0!
PAID OFF this month. Yay!

GP: $4511.28

C1: $87
Yes, that's right, a drop of $400.

AV: $0

VSA: $12
Will be paid off this month. He had to use the card to keep the account active because he refuses to close the stupid thing. So, really, $0 because we won't be carrying a balance for more than a couple days. It's still lame.

It was a great money month here. We still have an EFund. All the bills got paid. We finished the savings for our surprise. We found an extra $400 to pay on the C1. The Jeep is now paid off. We had extra grocery budget money. It was good times all around. I like these kinds of months the best.