14 February 2009

Super Saving Saturday: Buy Nearly Nothing Edition

I didn't really grocery shop this week ... well, kind of. On Tuesday, I swung by Meijer to use up some rain checks that were expiring for beef round roasts and Fast Fixin' frozen chicken. The chicken wound up being a super deal when the cashier took the 1/2 price rain check to mean 1/2 off this week's sale price making them $1 each after the adjustment and a $1/1 coupon. 32oz bags of breaded frozen chicken for $1?! Yes, please.

Friday and Saturday, while out running other errands, we swung back into Meijer for the Super Weekend Sale. Friday included a handful of ingredients for stir-fry night because we had company, almost all of which we found on clearance ... yay! We needed mushrooms, baby corn, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, bell peppers (which are NOT in season ... which I still feel incredibly guilty about ... shhhhhh, don't tell, ok?), and pita.

Saturday was solely for the purpose of getting Buy 2, Get 3 Free 16.9oz 6pks of Dr. Pepper products. I have a house full of pop drinkers, and even though I continue to find 100 other ways to cut our grocery budget, they insist that pop cannot be cut entirely. *sigh* On this issue (unlike the ongoing prodding toward cancelling the cable), I do not intend to win. Instead I just make sure to stock up on great sales and call it good. We can't win them all, right? We really can't win them all when arguing exclusively with adults. 5 6pks including the bottle deposit was less than $11. That's good enough for me.

Now, confession time. Friday night, after making amazingly yummy cooked to order stir-fry, we wanted dessert. Sensible people would throw something together. Good hostesses would have prepared for this inevitability and made something ahead ... or at least had something good to pull from the freezer and defrost into dessert magic. I, on the other hand, was persuaded into the entirely non-Em act of 'running to the store' to 'pick up a few things' (read: CAKE!). Can you use your immense psycic ability to forecast how this turned out? Ha.


We came home with 2 loaves of clearanced Italian Bread (for Saturday's french toast breakfast), 1 pkg of clearanced cheese bread twists, 1 clearanced 6 count cupcake tray, 1 cheese cake, a can of raspberry pie filling, 1/2 gallon of vanilla ice cream, and a clearanced strawberry rhubarb pie (Be capital L loves pie ... and I never buy it ... or make it, meanie I am). Yes, that's right, 'run to the store' alright. On the one hand, this is a never ever (ever ever ever) happens here occurrence and that inclines me to chalk it up to craziness and not worry about it. On the other hand, I'm kind of disappointed in myself for not a: being better prepared, b: being willing to come up with something on the fly from what we had on hand, and c: for getting a little clearanced baked good crazy. On top of all of that, it's a solid 15 mile drive from my house to Meijer ... which I happily drove at the time ... just for cake. Did I hit my head somewhere? Was I abducted by the pod people? I do love (Love!!) cake, but this is soooooooooooo not an Em thing to do. *hmph*

Forgive me, frugal bloggy readers, my name is Em and I have had a temporary relapse. For cake. And assorted other clearanced baked goods.



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